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Help! Flaky skin?

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Hi everyone I'm a 16 y old girl who lives in Italy and I have mild acne, but I usually breakout on my cheeks specially on the left side and the dark spots stays on my skin like forever... I'm dealing with acne since when I was 10 y old.. I started to use the regiment 2 weeks ago, so now I'm on my 3th week and my skin is so dry and flaky is it normal?? My skin is peeling off on my jawline, a little bit on my forehead and around my nose.. I didn't buy the jojoba oil because the regiment itself costs already a lot plus the shipment.. For now I don't know what to do in this situation because even if I try to use some concealer it gets worse.. Can someone help me please? Tomorrow I will go to France and DisneyWord and I feel bad to go there in this condition... Because my confidence is already under my feet, I can't talk properly with people, looking straight to their eyes I feel embarrassed and self conscious of my face..  Please help me... 

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Definitely don't apply makeup since that'll just make your flakes look worse. For now you should just use a very small amount of BP instead of what you're using now (I assume you're up to about 1 pump twice daily). You can even apply a small amount once daily. It'll take a day or two before your face balances out. Then you can enjoy flake-free skin while you're there.

Once your vacation is over, go back to the amount you had been using (and also twice daily). Continue ramping up the dosage to 2 pumps, twice/day, until you're clear. Then you can use 1 pump twice/day as your normal amount. You should be able to stay clear from this.

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thanks so much!! @undefined But is the flakiness remains forever or it's just about time??if yes how much does it takes to go away? I don't want  to turn back to school with dry skin I can't even smile properly lol...  btw sorry for my english i hope you understand eheh 

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