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So I saw that almost everyone started to avoid junk food and sugar to stop breaking out. Ok !! It's a good thing and I'm glad that people are more conscious about nutrition and the results of our healthy are behind our food and nutrition. 

But I saw that the people are afraid to eat even HEALTHY FOOD. I saw topics that users don't know what to eat even more and they avoid even the vegetables and fruits. I saw comments which say that "sugar is my biggest weakness" or "I don't know what to eat because I'm afraid of trigger". Actually I'm glad that people are aware of acne and they got to this level. In my country, over 95% of people don't care what they eat and don’t care about the quality of food.

Now let’s explain why junk food and sugar trigger out acne. Everyone know that junk food it’s not actually food, it’s a poison disguised in delicious food. Hormones, pesticides, injections, unhygienic methods … that’s how it’s treat junk food.   But, there is one thing in addition except of that obvious unhealthy methods which affect our health: MACROS.

Macros are: proteins, fats and carbohydrates which 1g protein has 4kcal, 1g fat has 9kcal and 1g carb has 4kcal.

Okay, now “How it will help me with my acne??”. Well, it helps you a lot !! Let’s see why:  the main role of insulin is to transport the nutrients in cells. With every kilocarie we eat, the more insulin will be pumped by pancreas. Low levels of insulin and temporary extra levels of insulin are totally fine. After we eat a meal, there will be a temporary extra level of insulin for 1-2 hours to happen what I said in the definition of insulin. It's totally normal and fine to happen that. 
BUT, there is one bigger "but". The problem isn't low levels of insulin or temporary extra levels of insulin, it's actually PERMANENT EXTRA LEVEL OF INSULIN.

Why? Because like testosterone and DHT (DHT rise from testosterone), there is a hormon called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) who rise from insulin and it's in directly connetion with our sebaceous glands and it is stimulating them. The more insulin = The more IGF-1 = The more activity of sebaceous glands = The more oily skin. Make sense right?

Earlier I said that after we eat, we have an extra level of insulin to transport the nutrients to cells. So we can say that the more calories we eat, the more insulin we have. That's why not good to have an extra calories day and one of the reasons to avoid junk food. For example, take a shawarma. It has over +2000 calories. It's a lot. Those calories should be eatten in all day, not in one meal. But, there is one macro that extra increase the level of insulin: carbohydrates. One of the main role of the insulin in to transform the carbohydrates in glucose. It's a human process. Carbs are energy, but it's not just that simple, we eat carbs and we have energy. NO !! After we eat carbohydrates, our pancreas produces more insulin to transform the carbohydrates in glucose.  

Now, what will happen with extra glucose (extra carbs eatten in a day, means an extra calories) ? The excess of glucose will be transformed in glycogen and it will be stored in glycogen stores in our muscles. When this new glycogen arrives at the stores, it sends a signal to stores to open and gain the new glycogen. But what happen when the glycogen stores are full of glycogen and cannot accept anymore? Our body secrets more insulin (and more IGF-1) and this cycle continues until our glycogen stores become insulin resistant. They won't be anymore sensible at the insulin. When you are insulin resistant, there is extra level of insulin in your body, so there is extra level of IGF-1.

How to solve this? Before I tell you, I must mention that you are prediabetic. That's a human diabetic. He doesn't have insulin and he needs to inject in his body to live. If you continue to eat carbs and to be in a extra calorie life, you will become diabetic !!! That means your pancreas won't work because it's so tired that he can't work anymore...

To solve this problem, you must reduce the carbs you eat in a day and your calories (caloric deficit) !! Also, it's important to empty the stores of glygocen. You must also exercise to burn calories and to empty the glygocen stores.

What you shall understand? Insulin it's not evil, it's critical for our life. You can't 100% exclude the carbs from your diet, it's imposible. You must maintain at 20-30g / day for excellent results. You will feel tired, you will have head pain, because you make a change in your life and in your diet. But it's temporary, not forever ! 

Also, reduce the fats and proteins per day. Remember, the less calories, the less insulin. You must be at a normal level of insulin. Listen to your body, don't eat to much, but not either to less ! Eat 1000-1500 calories per day and less carbs. The predomiant macronutrient should be protein.

I forgot to say that sugar it's a carbohydrate. So that's why you should avoid it ! Of course there are are rich vegetables in carbs like potatoes and rich fruits in fructose like grapefruit. But the fructose is less productive in insulin, so you can eat it, but in less quantities. Remember, 20-30g carbs / day, not more to see excellent results. But there are more fruits and vegetables which aren't rich in carbs. You can eat more broccoli, avocado, spinach, everything which isn't rich in carbs and doesn't trigger out you.

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Okay, I'm only two paragraphs in and I'm already super thrilled about this post. Can't wait to finish it when I get home. 

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