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Dry and Oily skin driving me CRAZY?!?

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This problem has been occurring to me for the past almost 2 years. I'm a 17 year old Male, 5'9" and a healthy 170 lb. I have, depending on who u ask, moderate to severe acne all over my face, but mainly on my cheeks and lower jaw. See, dealing with my acne shouldn't be as bad as it is now, because on top of the acne, I have dry skin AND Oily skin. Let me describe it to u. 

I wash my face once a day (twice a day is too harsh on my skin) In the morning, after I wash my face with Cetaphil dry and sensitive skin cleanser, I go to the mirror to put on my Aveeno Active Naturals Moisturizer with collodial Oatmeal. However, as I see my disgusting face in the mirror I also see loads of white dead and flaky skin resting on my face, the chin being the main culprit. Thus, in addition to having to moisturize my skin, I also use my fingernails to constantly scrape up the dead skin. This moisturizing method takes a total  of 10 minutes!! However this is where it gets weird... At least an hour later, my skin starts becoming an oil slick all over my face. I've invested in those toilet seat covers so that whenever I go out I can go to a restroom every 2 hours to wipe my face gently. If I go a day or two without washing my face , the dry skin gets worse and worse. I also exfoliate twice a week, so that can't be a solution I'm seeking. I also can't ditch moisturizers to decrease my oily skin, as the dry skin then gets worse. The psychological effects of my skin problems are all there. What can I do to improve my skin problems?? 

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