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Hi everyone,
My name is Vince and I am 20 years old. I have had pretty bad acne on my face since I was 14 years old. I just joined the forum today to make this post because i believe it could help many people on here struggling with acne. I finally found out what worked for me and I always told myself that when I get rid of my acne I will share my story with others to possibly help them.

I have had between moderate and severe acne and here is a list of things that I have tried that were non-successful:

  • Seeing a dermatologist(Acne removal with a needle once a week, Put me on Epiduo and Doryx Antibiotic Pills which helped but once I stopped taking the pills my acne was worse)
  • Clearasil, Proactiv(that stupid revolving brush thing), Clean and Clear, Neutrogena products etc.
  • Natural Treatments(Manuka Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Lava Soap, Calamine Lotion, Witch Hazel etc.)
  • Diet change(Cutting out all gluten, high-fat foods, and high-sugar foods)
  • I had tried all of these things over the past 6 years and none of them worked for me, there was definitely times when my face looked slightly better, but I was never close to being acne-free.

But last December, I became very frustrated with my acne and I did searches on Youtube and saw many positive reviews on the Acne.org regimen. So I bought the basic regimen(Cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide, Moisturizer). I followed the directions exactly and stayed with it for about 3 months and I started to see slow improvement, at this point I decided to also start incorporating the Acne.org AHA+ into my regimen. I basically did the regimen like normal but I used AHA+ as a spot treatment whenever I saw an area with new acne trying to form(I applied AHA+ as a spot treatment in between the cleanser and the BP), I also began doing half moisturizer and half AHA+ every night(once a day). My results started to get even better, The AHA+ helped a lot by preventing new zits, and also helping fade my red marks. I was doing this all the way up until May. At this point I felt like my acne was 80% better, but there were still new zits always trying to form.

I found out how to stop new zits from forming: Probiotic Pills. My dad was taking probiotics because he was having stomach issues and they helped him out a lot. So I decided to do some research and apparently a large percentage of your immune system is in your stomach. The amount of good or bad bacteria in your stomach can directly relate to how clear your skin is on your face. So I decided to start taking some. The brand is called Elite Nutrition Gold  Probiotic  Pills(I will post a link below). I would take one in the morning when I first wake up, with a full glass of water, and then wait at least 30 minutes before I eat breakfast. Not trying to gross anyone out, but when you first take probiotics you are putting millions of good bacteria in your stomach and the good bacteria fights off all of the bad bacteria in your stomach and the bad bacteria comes out in your poop. The first day of taking probiotics I went to the bathroom a few times and it smelled very bad, but this is completely normal, this is all of the bad bacteria that is leaving your system. I took the probiotics for a week straight and then took a few days off because I became slightly constipated(this is normal), then I took them again for another week then I stopped. At this point my acne was starting to improve dramatically and I was extremely surprised! Apparently most of my zits that were forming was due to all of the bad bacteria that built up in my stomach over the years from eating unhealthy food or eating out at restaurants alot. I stopped taking the probiotics after this because I could tell that at this point, all of the bad bacteria was gone from my stomach and I already had a enough good bacteria. 
So this has been my routine since May. I just do the Acne.Org regimen with AHA+  as normal and do small runs of probiotics every once in a while just to maintain my good bacteria in my stomach. Now, I rarely with have new zits form, maybe like one small zit once a week but that's it. I still have some blackheads on my nose but I don't really care too much about those for right now. 
It is still amazing to me that after all these years of searching for answers I finally found the key: Probiotics along with the Acne.org Regimen. I am so stoked and hopefully this information can help some of you out as well, especially if you are already using the regimen but you want to improve your results.

Acne.org regimen:

Probiotics I use:

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed reading or if you plan on trying these out. I can also post pics of my face if anyone is interested in seeing the results.

Thanks for reading,

Summary: Do the Acne.Org Regimen with the AHA+, along with Probiotic Pills.
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I want to start by saying I am not an expert and there are a lot of conflicting opinions about how often people should take probiotics and if they are even necessary long term. So this is just my story. I took probiotics daily for a year and a half. I would take one, 20-30 min before breakfast. I think it did help a lot at first. My digestive issues got a lot better and they seemed to help my skin. Over time though I think the effects started to taper. About a year in I wasn't feeling like the probiotics were doing much and my digestive issues seemed to be pretty stable. I was also getting tired of spending 30 dollars a month on probiotics. I started reading up on probiotics and there were a lot of mixed opinions. Some Doctors were saying they only give their patients probiotics until their issues resolved then stop the probiotics because they had done their job and loading the body with good bacteria is only good to an extent then it becomes unnecessary. I felt a year and a half was long enough for now and have recently stopped them. Although if digestive issues occur again or if I ever have to take antibiotics for any reason I will definitely begin to take probiotics daily again until the issues are once again resolved. 

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