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Help! acne scar! bad healing, scar after subcision

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(sorry for my english) (and for a long text)

Hey everbody! I am writing on acne.org because I am lost and depressed and my life is forever ruined...

when I was 17, i start getting really bad acne, because off milk products, weight gainer and SH*TH. that time, I did not think about changing my diet, to a vegan I just thought I was unlucky. when I was about 19 I began Accutane, and back then I didn't know the side effects besides dry lips,skin.. I am 22 know an have scars on my temples an cheek.

I was on accutane about 6-8month I think..(can't really remember how long :(  )
anyways.. 6 month after I got a MatrixRF laser, that was on a high setting. downtime 14 weeks with scabs all over my face!
after that treatment I was red for many months.. but my scars began to fade an got better. I was glad an did not think so much about my scars. besides that MatrixRF laser, I would receive free CO2 laser from one of the biggest an qualified hospital in Denmark.

after the CO2 laser I began to noticed my scars were getting worse then before the treatment an my skin looked old a bit tired.
after that I got a depression and my life turned, social life, hard times for my girlfriend :(

I then talked to a friend who also had bad acne and many scars years back. (now with beautiful skin) he showed me the dermaroller/dermapen and still get a treatment ones every 6 month.
3 months after the CO2 laser I got a dermaroller with dermapen treatment. my skin react normally after, peeling and redness. maybe a small redness still was there months after... anyways I still thought/think my scars was worse after the dermaroller, and maybe saw some new scars... but know I just think it was my mind, because my scars was getting worse after the CO2 laser.But also after the dermaroller I thought my skins looked even more old, like the dermaroller have made my skin older. I dont know if it still are damage from the CO2 laser with the worse scars and age skin. and I am just F*UCK in my head or what!
BUUT after that my depression was getting even worser and seeked a new special doctor with only experince witch acne and acne scars!

I told him my story with all the treatments and he told me , i had the scars that SUBCISION would help with.. and the thought about subcision afraid me.. but when I was visiting the doctor I was crying about the hole thing I have been through and trusted him....

Now after the subcision I have new surgery scars all over he putted the nodule and the injection before the treatment. I had the worst swelling an a lot of hematoma, purple/blue/black Lumps right after and know its over 2 months since the treatment, and i regret it BIG time... my skin look like shit with more scars all over...

I think I am a bad healer after accutane and I easily get scars.. but back in then, before the laser I did not know.. not intil after the subcision :(:( I dont know if I ever gonna hell properly again or ever can get the new worser scars better :( maybe  after some time, I should dermaroll again, with small neddlees with 3 months between...  are there any scar treatment for bad healers ?? :(


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(the treatment was 23 maj, 2016)

(Right after the treatment)

(3 weeks ago)

(Right after the  treatment)

(1 week ago, 1 AUG)

(1 week ago, 1 AUG)

this is before/ after pics.. as you can see, the doctor Fuck*^^D my skin,,, donno what to do.. wait some months and try neddling? I have tried laser before this, and it did  not help, the co2 made my skin worse i think...love life...lol


I use a silicone sheet on both sides and try see if that can help a little... there a some lumps/bumps were he have been working on and it look like some cut, wounds, surgery scars know. and the side with the big spot, feels like a hard lump too.. maybe a hypertrophic scar :( 

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What do you mean by "doctor Fuck*^^D my skin"? You didn't expect to fully recover in a few weeks did you? Any treatment worthwhile will have longer downtime. I haven't seen your before pics but from the post-procedure pic I'd say it was a pretty common skin appearance.
Don't forget you are used to look at yourself in the mirror for those 3 weeks while the swelling plumps your face so when it goes back to normal you'll think it's worse, it probably isn't. I can say by experience subcision works! It just takes time.

Like beautifulambition said, permanent lumps can be treated and discoloration goes away in most cases by itself, give it time. Come back in a few months and post a picture then. Honestly, just relax ;)

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thanks for your anwser guys! but the problem is, that my skin has looked like this the last 2,5 month. I had my subcision done on 23th may, and the doctor said that it would be better after 1 month.
i went to see and talk to him, afterr about  1,5 month (because i didn't felt my skin looked like it was suppost to) and the doctor also said that something was wrong. My skin was not healed like it was suppost to, and he honestly had no idea why and what to do.
I spend all my time at my computer to read what other people had to say, and to see if someone had any good advices for my skin. I read a lot about other people who had subcision, i found no one with the same size hematoma like mine. 

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the new red (2,5 months old) scar/cuts from Subcision from the nodule my Docktor used. could dermaroller/pen or stamp help fade them a bit ? of course over a long period and long rest/ healing time between each treatment ? I am lost ... :(   

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On 9.8.2016 at 9:09 AM, TriedmanyThings said:

the new red (2,5 months old) scar/cuts from Subcision from the nodule my Docktor used. could dermaroller/pen or stamp help fade them a bit ? of course over a long period and long rest/ healing time between each treatment ? I am lost ... :(   

I have similar looking raised red lumps after a subcision treatment and couldn't get rid of them. Been 1 1/2 years already. Have yet to find an answer or successful follow up to the problem on the internet.

CO2 laser didn't do anything, although I'm giving a different laser another try.

Kenalog injections were problematic because of the very small diameter leading to difficulty to inject into the tissue.

Excision not an options according to the docs I went to, because of the risk that new scars will form.

Actually mine look a bit like this


(sebaceous hyperplasia) so electro needeling might be worth a try. Edited by wtrotzlav
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Well seeing as only a few people interested and you might be thinking im still experimenting something and i am well aware that you dont want to risk your skin.

Anyway, I sincerely hope my idea can help you. So there it goes have you seen anyone use hot water compressed 60-70 degree celcius in cotton cloth and hold onto scars area 1-2minutes? But before this you will need to get the supplement "solgar dry vitamin A tablet form" which contain retinyl palmitate 5000IU and L-ascorbic acid 10mg and crush one tablet into powdery form. After that wet the scars area with some water and your fingers as well because you will be using your finger to dap on the powder so it will stick to your fingers and start to apply it on the scars areas massaging for 30sec - 1minutes. After that use the cotton cloth/pad /wrapped into ball to absorb the hot water(60-70 degree) and hold onto your scars areas for 1-2minutes. If you find it too hot you can try press release press release until you doesnt feel much of the heat and hold it for 1-2minutes. You can repeat the procedure 2-3times per day but not too frequent like 2-3times/week so that let the scars have enough time to heal. I think basically this idea is to speed up the scars healing process to maximum. (It definitely speed up the healing in my case). The last part and most important is you MUST wash it off with AHA cleanser or gentle mild cleanser or any type coz it seems to clogged a bit pores. You can also consume the supplement too if you want. I used nixodem once in a while to clear up the clogged pores. It is totally up to you when you want to do this treatment during weekend or before sleep so that the next morning the redness side effect has already subsided.

The after effect you get is some temporary redness after some time it will subside maybe like 1-2hours. You can apply makeup if you cannot wait. This might best suit for those with fresh scars, im not sure about old scars and deep indented. You might wanna give it a try if you like it :-), I think this works on hyperpigmentation/post inflammation too to shorten healing time by a lot. Yeah..

WARNING: If you are pregnant, it is best to avoid this treatment as it involve retinyl palmitate(synthetic vitamin A) which may cause birth defects.
The scars areas will be a bit sensitive so if you are not wearing make up you can apply some sun screen when going outdoors.
There will be a slight dizziness so it might not suitable for weak heart/low blood pressure/low blood sugar.

Well thats pretty much it. I hope it helps :-) Feel free to ask me anything
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I believe I Got DNA damage In the skin of My Face! Somekind of elastin and collagen Loss from det matrix rf laser  and therefore NOT Can help My skin ever with any dermaroller or what so ever treatment! My skin just Gonna get ugly and more aging than other My age! Thanks 2 that ...


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When i saw your pictures on this thread, i thought: wow,the subcision worked great. Really. En then... i saw your posts. I don't get it... Your skin looks great and you don't even see it... Which makes me kinda angry though. There are MANY people who wants to have a skin like you have. MANY. 

That being said, stop making photo's and seek for some help. You see things MUCH worse then they really are. 

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On 4/19/2017 at 2:32 PM, TriedmanyThings said:

Most fucked up ugly skin scars ever!!! Subcision fucked it more up!!! Fuck this shit life! Unfair fucked life! Rather be leg-less
I understand what you say and what you feel.
I also accept that bad acne scars can fuck some one s life totally.
I am exactly like you I tried subsicion and then I got lumps that I have to laser them to fade them.
but listen my friend... you can fix your lumps by co2 laser and your atrophic scars respond well to tca cross and infini Rf ...
I know this seems ridiculous but be possitive and try other treatments.
also EXCISION if your doctor is skillful can make huge improvement.
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Have you tried doing low level steroid injections to flatten it out? Don't let your doc do stronger steroids then 20 (it starts at 40 and they cut it) or you might get a new indent..but with lower levels of steroids you may need to do 10 rounds.   

Also filler might make the larger indent look better too. There are a lot of new kinds of filler out there that are less risky than the older versions of filler. My doc uses Belotero to fill in scars..it's a very small sized molecule of hyaluronic acid which is already found in our skin so it just metabolizes over time. My doc puts little dots of it all over my face and it creates a softening look around the scars. Supposedly since the molecules are so small it has less of the "donut" look" that happens if you get other kinds of fillers like the older ones on the market. Also the needle is a "nook" which cuts the scars tethers. It only lasts for 6-9 months but they will keep whatever you dont use in the fridge for you to get a touchup

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10 minutes ago, incepticon said:
44 minutes ago, TriedmanyThings said:

My skin today... looks Like the Moon..Lol IMG_0342.thumb.PNG.4cff389cbf945851ee945f2d0e57e37a.PNGIMG_0343.thumb.PNG.3306c45848f7c2584eeaa254b3da9248.PNGIMG_0344.thumb.PNG.451cde9446430301ed8364021c5c0d43.PNGIMG_0345.thumb.PNG.2ad08917d3497ac2aa152bf0eff3cd45.PNGIMG_0346.thumb.PNG.0847fa4bdd18c966184bfa2226cbfba9.PNG

Who did your subcision in Denmark?
Emil Henningsen from Odense.. But I dont Know if it was because he was/are bad to his work! Cause I believe a laser before the subcision, was so High In power, that the B/TCH WHO did it... ruined My skin from the inside forever... so it maybe can't heal normal ever again...
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1 hour ago, TriedmanyThings said:

Emil Henningsen from Odense.. But I dont Know if it was because he was/are bad to his work! Cause I believe a laser before the subcision, was so High In power, that the B/TCH WHO did it... ruined My skin from the inside forever... so it maybe can't heal normal ever again...

Ah Ok, he did subcision on me as well and there are red lines left from it.

Sorry guys, talking a little Danish here:
Kan du huske hvor lang tid der gik til de røde ar på dine kinder forsvandt efter subcision? Ærlig talt, ser det overhoevedet ikke så slemt ud. Hvis du kigger på andre's akne ar her på siden vil du se at dit er meget mildt. :) Edited by incepticon
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Hi, I understand the anxiety acne scars can cause BUT please know that your skin doesn't look bad AT all.
You can't just rely on a laser you did two years ago to maintain the quality of your skin, which means you need a daily skincare routine to exfoliate, hydrate, trigger collagen and protect.
What is your skincare routine like?
I highly recommend Tretinoin and Vit C for collagen production, sun damage and the skin concerns you are talking about.
I have acne scars but I honestly love the texture and smoothness of my skin which is maintained by Tretinoin, Vit C serum, Hyaluronic Acid serum, gel moisturizer, Azelaic Acid and SPF.
I used to use the AHA from acne.org before and I.loved.it.    now I don't use it because I am using all the other actived I mentioned so I don't want to overtax my skin.

please share your skincare routine and don't worry :) it will get better.

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Hello bro, 

I can understand how you felt at that point, I'm from Perú and I tried with co2 laser as well and my acne scars were worse also the doctor gave me a cream which just activated my acne so yes it was a really bad time for me. 

However, I restarted to take Accutane and it seems that my acne is gone and this is my last month (first took 15 months and this last one is taking 7mo) so while I'm taking Accutane I'm applying in my skin adapalene and clindamycin which I can say, it has improved my acne scars but under a brighter light it can recognize some of them, but that gel really helps maybe to get a better skin in 30%. I'm thinking to do subcision after the treatment but in Peru there are no many places that do that procedure also I don't want to have new scars. 

In conclusion, you can try with this gel it really helped me, just try to be patient because sometimes nobody notices those things and the only person who does is you. 

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