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Someone please help me with this

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So I have had bad acne since about freshman year. I just graduated. I have always lived with long hair/bangs and just recently cut it hoping the acne would subside. I've tried about wverything you can name, and just recently stopped all topical treatments and accutane after a month to go on a month long vacation. This vacation involved lots of camping and cut out a lot of shower time. I read that this could help my skin-doing nothing- so I gave it a whirl and it worked. All my pimples are gone with the exception of red marks. My entire face and lips are outlined with red marks. The skin is smooth but disgusting to look at. is this just acne? Should I continue doing nothing to my face?

Thank you for all the help, I can provide more details as requested



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Schedule a dermatologist appointment. The doctor will give you a product that will help fade your red marks quicker through exfoliation. Try applying moisturizer a few times a week also. My red marks took 7+ months to fade and some turned into pitted scars. Red marks are called post inflammatory erythema by the way.

An important part of basic skin scare is washing you face twice a day with a gently cleaner like cetaphil.

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