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If you have ovaries and adult acne... you may have PCOS!

Hi all, 

I have been battling with adult acne for the past 10 years and am now FINALLY seeing wonderful improvements in my skin. I went to a naturopathic doctor and after asking lots of questions, he diagnosed me with Poly Cycstic Ovaries. This is very common with 10-30% of people with female reproductive organs having it but most not even realizing or not getting diagnozed by doctors. If you have ovaries, acne and any of the other symptoms associated with PCOS (eg irregular periods or excess body hair etc) then I would highly recommend going to a naturopath. I've seen lots of 'regular' doctors and dermatologists over the years and none have ever hinted that PCOS may be the problem. They have either suggested antiobotics or expensive treatments, without considering what the cause may be.

My doctor gave me 4 options to tackle this and I started with all of them:

1) a change in diet so I'm eating most of my calories for breakfast and lunch (PCOS affects insulin so eating at night will make it worse)
2) taking the herbal supplements PCO Px and Inositol (+folate and Chromium)
3) taking a prescription called Novo Spiriton which stops PCOS affecting the skin
4) BP cream to get rid of any bacteria present on the skin.

Now that my skin is better and the diet and supplements are taking full effect, I am no longer on the Novo Spiriton and only use BP cream once a month close to my period. After a few more months I am going to try reducing the herbal supplements until I can hopefully control my PCOS with diet alone. 

I hope this helps anyone who may be in a similar position :)

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Hi there,

I had a very similar experience, struggling with acne for 10 years and finally being diagnosed with PCOS by a naturopath.  I hope that any women in a similar situation find this post!!  It doesn't get talked about nearly as much as it should in acne circles.  If you are a woman over 18 struggling with acne it is definitely something to look into!  I also changed my diet (high fiber, low saturated fat, low sugar), take a saw palmetto blend and inositol to keep my hormones in check.  My hormones have been stable and acne has been under control for 2 years now.  I hope that others don't have to take 10 years to find this answer!!


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