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What types of acne cause scarring?

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I had a decent sized pimple on my chin two weeks ago that came to a head and I ended up popping it, it began to heal next day and eventually decreased in size and went away that same week but now I'm left with a mark and I cant really tell if its a scar or just hyper pigmentation. I'm worried since My mouth area is scar free and I rarely if ever get acne there and the last thing I want is scarring in that area since I deal with it on my cheeks and temples Ive tried to run my finger over it to feel a indention but I can really feel it and when I put angled light on it I just see the hyperpigmentation which makes it look like a scar but again I dont feel an indention

What type of pimples cause actual indented scarring? 

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It s not a rule , It depends a lot because acne it s a very complex disease. I had some big pimples which hurt me a lot and it don t left a scar . I also have very minor pimples which left me with horrible scarring . Also it doesn t matter if u don t feel an indention , because fingers can feel only bigger scars than usualy ones .I also had a shock when I was thinking a pimple was 100%healed ( only hyperpigmentation left) and then after 2 3 weeks in that place was a scar...how?idk acne sucks. By the way it s very simple to check if you have a scar or not ( for example stay inside the house besides a window at sunset and check ur face in phone screen )

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