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I've had acne for 12 years at this stage. I'm so down. I have done two courses of Accutane in the past 3 years for my acne (both at full mg per kg targets). 

I have been on every topical retinoid, Accutane, OTC stuff, benzoyl peroxide, AHA, BHA, LHA, niacinamide, sulfur, zinc, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, various birth controls, vegan diets, chemical peels at the derm - washed my face with various weird and wonderful things. You name it I have done it during my 12 years with acne. 

After the first course of accutane I was acne free for about 8 months, the more recent one I got a year and 2 months out of. I was maintaining with Differin after the first round and Isotrex after the second and relapsed each time. My acne has been steadily getting worse since Christmas and has really taken off in the last 3 months, despite continual use of Isotrex. The lesions on my jawline are so sore and it hurts to move my mouth at times. There aren't that many large lesions but what are there are huge and then I have a lot of whiteheads and pustules, I'm so concerned about scarring. 

I've been on Lymecycline (Tetralysal) for 3 months and I'm still getting new and painful lesions daily. I was on vacation last week and was miserable about my skin. I think a relapse after Accutane is one of the most traumatic because you've been essentially 'living the dream' with clear skin and now it's all been taken from me. 

I'm going back on birth control pills to Yasmin with the hope of balancing my hormones that a less androgenic form of birth control might help. Started those two days ago. If it doesn't at least I feel that I can go to my dorm and say here I am, I'm on birth control so I have that box ticked for Accutane. 

I'm just here looking for support and will be posting photos of my progress with my continuing use of Lymecycline, Isotrex and Yasmin birth control. I also do short-contact therapy with benzoyl peroxide. 





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Just commenting to update because I hate when I search and threads are left without a conclusion. 

My skin continued to get worse, multiple cysts a week. When I was using lymecycline and Isotrexin. As I failed oral antibiotic therapy plus topical retinoid, I'm now on Accutane again. 

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