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So I have about 20 hypertrophic/keloid scars on my chest and decided to try Dermatix...

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Hello everyone.

For the past four or so years I have been getting acne on my chest semi regularly, meaning one every one or three months. Over the time the number of scars has increased to about 20-25. They are not very big, save for one but they are quite a few. It doesn't matter how careful I am not to bruise the acne, they will turn into scars regardless. If I get acne on my chest it will turn into an ugly scar.

A few days ago I got a Dermatix Silicone Sheet. It was about 20 dollars and for that price I expected to get more sheets not just one. The quality of the material also seems to be lacking...

Anyway, the problem is that it worked just fine for about 4 days. I put it on my skin, felt it tighten up and when I finally took it off the skin was very smooth  BUT about two days ago the adhesive started to really weaken. When I get sweaty I constantly have to check if it isn't about to fall off. There are a few things I would like to know.

1. if I can just put some tape over it it's ok but what I want to know is whether the lack of adhesive is going to affect the quality of the treatment. Does the sheet need to tighten up my skin for it to work? My skin is no longer very smooth after I take it off. I know this treatment can last months but if the sheet is useless now I would rather not waste my time anymore as the sheet can be a bit uncomfortable.

2. Since it is right in the middle of my chest, the sheet tends to wrinkle when I move my arms. Will this affect the quality of the treatment?

3. What other adhesives can I try besides tape?

4. What is the difference between a keloid and a hypertrophic scar? I've had them for a few years but they haven't gotten any bigger.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey @Cyberdemon_1542 yes it unfortunate, but I too have keloids/raised scars on my chest. I've been using silicone sheets and they help keep the scar soft and smooth after the removal of the sheet/tape. I use ScarAway Silicone sheets, about the same price $25, for about 8 separate sheets. The adhesive is best during the first two days of applying. What i do to keep the sheets on longer is wash the adhesive side with lukewarm water and a little soap to remove the dirt/oil on the sheet. I don't really wear them during physically demanding activities because of the sweat. Regarding the wrinkling of the sheet, well that just means the sheet isn't even on the skin properly and is barely doing much to keep he scar moisturized.

All in all, I'm not a huge fan of the sheets because of the hassle of wearing washing ,etc., but they aren't too bad either. The results of wearing them for about a year now isn't remarkably noticeable, though that's my experience with it. Wish you the best of luck,  

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