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Coworkers harassing me

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I I have had bad cystic acne or a while now. Two years ago I finished accutane and my skin was as good as it ever has been. Fast forward to me moving to New Orleans and I don't know if it's the humidity or what (a 3 months stay in Uganda is what really triggered my last flare up) but my cystic acne is back as bad as it was before and self esteem as a 25 year old woman is as low as its been. I work as a social worker in a hospital, and recently multiple coworkers have pointed out my break outs. I have been told to wear more make up if I didn't want comments or to eat healthier if I don't want to look like a teenager. I am super sensitive about my skin and knowing people notice it just makes me never want to go to work or in public. Does anyone know how to respond? I don't know how because the one time I did I was told I was too sensitive. Additionally, I'm about to spend 3 months in Ghana so going back on accutane is out of the question until at least January. Any advice on what to do in the meantime? I'm so discouraged and disappointed. 

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Explain to your coworkers acne Is not in your control , your doing your best to get rid of it. Tell them they are not helping the problem about giving advice on something the they probably don't know about. You can add on the rest of it.  Most people really don't understand what people are going through with acne.

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I like Ken's approach for people you like and are just being concerned for you.  People who are your friends will accept that and let it be.  If someone random was suggesting to me to wear more makeup I'd probably give them a little attitude and say something like "Oh OK...what makeup do you use?...I'd like to try it because it really covers all your lines and wrinkles well "
Hope you can stay strong in the meanwhile and good luck for your trip to Ghana!  As you implied, if you can see your derm when you're back another course of Accutane might be appropriate or they may have other recommendations going forward.

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Im sorry Kelsey for what you are going through. If your co workers are social workers they should be empathetic people. They shouldn't be saying those things to you. Next time somebody says something about your acne tell them with a strait face "I dont want you mentioning my acne anymore, Im struggling with it and doing my best to get rid of it." Then continue to look at them in the eye until they say something, and hopefully they say something like "Im sorry." 

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