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Dianette 112 days (pics beginning till now)

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I'm 22, I've had acne since I was in secondary school but only started getting treatment for it when I was about 18.
ive been on many antibiotics, and tried creams, but the results didn't last long.

i am now on Dianette and so far so good, just hoping the results will last and continue to improve my skin.

there are loads of pictures, probably more than necessary, Ive been taking pictures everytime I noticed any change.

This is my skin on day 1 so what I started out with before starting Dianette.
Mainly raised spots with no head, mainly around my mouth.


Cheeks and jawline have scaring but no major break outs.

This picture is 6 days later, when I think the acne started to spread along my jawline. Also I was starting to feel ill around this time, doctor said its my body adjusting to the Dianette.
i was throwing up and having bad headaches.
This is day 12, starting to get quite sore, and heads are developing 

This is day 14 .. Is it me or has that gone from bad to worse in only two days 


And this is 18days later.. I was finding it hard at this point, going out was hard because makeup wasn't covering this and it looked and felt so horrible, very red and sore at this point, was especially sore at the jawline.


Day 32. left and right side of my face, rarely used to get acne on my cheeks before taking Dianette, just the odd spot on my cheeks.. My main acne area has always been around my mouth



This is day 41 redness massively reduced was starting to feel more positive at this point.







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Double posted pics
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continuing here as I couldn't insert any more pics 


Day 47- Improvements, some of the acne starting to clear.
Day 61 and it's back, but seems a bit different to me ... Still very red but maybe smaller in size I don't know.


Day 66 seems to be calming down a bit.

Day 80 and I'm happy 

image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegthis is day 99 front and both sides of my face
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Day 112   22/7/16

so this is where I am currently at I'm clear now majority of the time and if I get a break out its tiny like what you see in the last picture below 
I'm happy much happier now and much more confident,makeup is applying much nicer now Aswel.

ive got 15 more days left until I finish my final pack and have to go back to the doctor to see what I should do next.

im left with dark marks which is the next think I want to try and tackle.

i hope this is interesting for some people, everyone's different but this is just the changes my skin went through. 
When I first started taking Dianette I wanted to see what changes people's skin was going through throughout, rather than just one before and after pic lol
thank you for reading.


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