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Subcision after laser treatments

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Hey everyone, 

I have a question concerning subcision. 

When doing scar treatments, it is usually recommended to perform subcision before doing laser treatments. Now i was wondering if someone knows if there is any real disadvantage to performing subcision after laser treatments instead of before.

The situation is as follows. I have just had my second total fx treatment, and although there certainly is improvement, I suspect I have a few boxcar scars that are either tethered or need some extra lifting. The problem is, there is no one in my country performing it so I'd have to go abroad. I will do that if necessary, but i really first want to make sure it actually is necessary. This winter i will also have a full co2 laser treatment, the non-fractionated one under full sedation. This might just take care of it, but I'm just exploring my options. 


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You should only do subcision if your scars are pitted and cast shadows in overhead lighting. Otherwise it's definitely not worth all the hassle of going abroad. 

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I have not read anything that shows there are any disadvantages to performing subcision after laser, but it is possible there are. It seems logical to me that ablative laser would be more effective if it was performed on a less uneven surface.

How severe are the boxcars you are concerned about?

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