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Jennifer Cheung

Probiotics and hormones levels

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Hey guys, 

So I've been on birth control for around 5-6 months already and recently I've suddenly gotten really bad cystic acne that I didn't have for the past few months. Ever since I went back on birth control, my skin became a lot less oily and my breakouts were under control.... Until now.

I've been thinking about why my hormones are suddenly freaking out after being on birth control for quite a while. Is it simply a belated initial breakout or the pills have stopped working for me? And then I wonder if it has anything to do with me starting to take probiotics recently. After some research, it seems that:

1. Probiotics supplements can relieve  estrogen dominance by helping the body to get rid of excess estrogen faster.

2. Probiotics can help increase testosterone levels by preverting the over metabolisation of cortisol.

Please do correct me if I make any mistake here!! 

While "getting rid of bad estrogen" and "keeping high cortisol level at bay" seem to be beneficial, I wonder if it would have the reverse effects for those who suffer from high androgen induced acne. 

But it it can possibly be an initial breakout from my body adjusting to the "positive" hormonal changes brought by the probiotics?

I would like to know what you guys think about Probiotics. I am contemplating to try stopping it for a while to see if my horrible cystic acne would calm down.

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I've taken probiotics for years now, but it hasn't made any difference on my skin, unfortunately. I take the PB8 one that you can get on Amazon, which is supposedly a highy recommended one.

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