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Acne For 9 years

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Im 23 years old  and i have had acne for 9 years now, i have  gone to 3 different dermatologists and nothing cures it
Theres times were my face is clean but other where its completly bursts with cysts , should i just accept it and live with it  or wait for a miracle ???

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There is a whole bunch of things you can certainly try.

From your derm visit I assume they have lead you down the path of BP and SA cream treatments. 
Have you tired antibiotics such as minocycline or bactrim?

More importantly I would definitely visit this sites Diet and Holistic section. Ruling out food triggers have worked for many people.

Then there is the last case scenario of accutane

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Already did accutane for a long time it worked and i was able to get a clear skin for 1.5 years.
But now i keep getting acne anyway and i just dont know what to do anymore, its not a lot but i get 1/2 really painful cysts every month and it just sucks

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I know the feeling of dealing with it for so long and being hopeless. I've had acne for 7 years. Had clear skin in high school, but developed adult acne in my mid 20's. Now in my 30's. Accurate worked wonders for me, but acne came back about 8 months later. Would do a 2nd course if I could, but can't health-wise. DKR keeps my skin from getting super bad, but it's still bad enough that I don't feel comfortable dating. Just keep trying different things until something hopefully works and keep your chin up! 

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I know the feeling..... 24 and been dealing with it 10 years as well. That said it's been a lot better the past year *fingers crossed* because of a combination of Epiduo and cutting out all dairy from my diet. If I eat dairy by mistake I always break out again, sometimes with cysts. It's not pretty! Maybe test to see if there are any food types that might be triggering your continued breakouts.

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