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Hello! My first post here, as I am now seeking opinions and past experiences!!

I've been to the derm a few times, and I feel nothing really works.... especially anything with bp. So, I'm now 18, and this was when I really started breaking out when I thought all those teenager gimmicks were over.

I pretty much break out on my cheeks, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE. THEY COME IN THESE GANGS of skin coloured bumps...then they slowly become hard.... I can't pop them but I CAN flick it and some hard yellow stuff come out... AND IT JUST REPEATS AND REPEATS WHEN I THOUGHT I FINISHED WITH MY ULTIMATE MOVE. WHAT ARE THEY EVEN? When I get out of a hot shower they seem extra raised (and I've been chilling with them for 3 months till last week) then I flicked the off. Is it possible that it's a fungus inffection? I've also been wondering if exfoliating can cause them, I exfoliate every other day.

Sometimes they actually become a pimple with puss...but that's not very usual

On my forehead, I have these bumps that seem deep under my skin that NOTHING HAS WORKED ON at all, they just chilling, least they're not red

So what I've been using a few months now with no results
Benzaclin (5% bp/1& phosphate)

Slowly using retin a  0.04% on my scars

oral med Apo-minocycline

And nothing seems to be working, but i did find a post on acne.org the other day saying how their acne stuff never worked but NIZORAL (Anti fungs shampoo) cleared them up...But I'm not sure if I should try it out :P

Should I just stop everything besides the oral meds, continue, or try nozoral

Also I'm a very healthy guy, eat healthy, exercise daily, DRINKS ALOT OF WATER


http://imgur.com/fK3VnCl with a paint edit of the gang

should i ive up and not try anything?


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It's been a while since this post, did you try nizoral? Your skin looks like mine at the moment. Im convinced i have a fungal infection on my face and have just started using nizoral yesterday so no results yet. 

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