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Hey guys, I've been struggling with acne since i turned 12 and I'm am now 20. birth control helped control it but after switching all hell had broken loose. cystic acne on my cheeks and jawline...im miserable. and it's also caused some horrific scarring. even while on the pill my skin was super oily and it didn't help with my acne on my chest or back. Ive been on a  bunch of topicals as well and I'm just looking for something i guess a little more permanent that will tackle breakouts and scarring. I'm sick of just being on things that would cause my acne to come back as soon as i stop taking it. i have an appointment with my dermatologist on thursday and was just wondering if going on accutane while away at college would be a possibility? is it possible to be away from home? i want to start treatment asap and don't want to wait three months before i have to go back to school to start. anyone have a similar experience? 

also i forgot to mention, I'm off bc and don't plan on going on anything hormonal ever. i regret ever resorting to that. I'm not sexually active and wouldn't be if i were to go on accutane. 

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Women need to be on two forms of birth control while taking Isotretinoin because the drug causes severe birth defects to fetuses in the womb exposed to the drug. Women need to have a negative pregnancy test before they can fill their first prescription, each month during their treatment, and one month after stopping treatment. Women must also be registered for the iPledge system by their Dermatologist and are required to answer questions on the website periodically. All Isotretinoin users need to get their blood drawn for monthly testing. They must also meet with their Dermatologist monthly to discuss any mood changes or adverse reactions they have been experiencing. The typical course of treatment lasts between 5-6 months. These are all things you want to consider before making the commitment to take this medicine. Your Dermatologists cannot legally prescribe you the medicine without following these rules. You should discuss any concerns with your Dermatologists about meeting these commitments. Perhaps you will need to transfer to a different Dermatologist that is closer to your campus.

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In response to the above comment, just so you know, abstinence is considered a form of birth control. Most people get under the impression that you NEED to be on the pill to take accutane. If you aren't sexually active, you don't. You can just list condoms and abstinence as your two forms. Everything else they said is true though. 

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