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journey of removing raised scar by ACV

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Guyz! Good day. Im 21 years old and i have 4 hypertrophic (raised) scar on my nose for 3-4 years now. You cant imagine how my confidence diminished. I used to have good looks but then when i acquired these bumps through acne everything started to change. All my decisions are affected by these scars. long story short. I WAS DESTROYED BY THESE BUMPS. THESE GENIUS MINDS IN OUR PLANET CAN INVENT THINGS AND CAN EVEN SEND HUMANS TO MARS BUT CANT REMOVE A BUMP ON NOSE!  see? my reasoning shows how devastated i am.

So all these years I thought that im going to take it into my own hands. i have read about ACV treatment.
so what i did is i treated the largest bump on my nose
1. i bought ACV with the "mother " (braggs)
2. i pinched/wounded the area of my bump with a seewing needle. just scratches in the area of the bump to make the acv sip in the scar
3. i used q tips and dipped it into the ACV. i then dipped the q-tip into my bump for about 30-60 sec,
4. i then rubbed the other side of the q tip into my scar until the top layer if the skin would be burned until it bleed.
5. i dipped again the other side if the q tip into my scar for about 30-60 sec or until it would not sting.
6. i did step number 5 for about 3-5days every night and morning to ensure the bump is burned to its roots
   i noticed that the scar turned black (i think because it was burned)
7. after that i stopped burning my scar. then applied petroleum jelly. after 2 days of applying petroleum jelly. i accidentally wiped the scab off my scar. 
8. the wound left an indent. it was not flat. i think the whole tissue of the scar was burned. i petroleum jelly until 1-2 weeks later.
9.it was pinkish but now flat. it was now leveled into the skin of my nose..but after 2-3 days i noticed that it is now forming into a raised scar though it is small u can hardly see it except if u look too close.
10. now i applied silicon gel named contractubex and massage it into my scar 2-3 times a day.

so i need time to report to you all suferers. im hoping that it wont form into a raised scar again. PRAY FOR ME! GOD BLESS US ALL. 

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mind sharing the results? I also tried using ACV for weeks however I did not wound the scar. I just massaged it but nothing happened T_T 

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