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Does sea salt truly work for acne?

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So I've basically exhausted all of my acne treatment options (whether OTC, prescription, or natural) and I'm trying one of the only things I've yet to try: sea salt diluted in water and applied to the face as a leave-on toner. From personal experience I know that my skin 100% gets better whenever I'm swimming at the beach, but I don't live near any beaches so I have to do what I can with what I have at home.

I bought Himalayan pink sea salt and 100% natural sea salt from the store, and this is day 2 of using it and I've already seen some (minor) results. I'm using it everywhere as I have acne everywhere (face, back, chest, shoulders, etc) and my pimples are A LOT smaller and more manageable. They're smaller pustules instead of huge cysts. I just boil water and mix it with a few teaspoons of sea salt, then put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over myself and leave it overnight.

Has anyone else experienced results from using sea salt? How long did it take for you to get 90-100% clear? I'd love to see some before and after photos as well if any of you have some! Crossing my fingers that this works :)

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I signed up just to write a review on Sea Salt (pink sea salt)..... After reading all the previous review's I still didn't believe this sh*t. Then I got a quarter a cup of red rock salt, dissolved it in 500ml of water (an old Ajax spray bottle), sprayed on my face, and the redness disappeared a fair bit immediately after the salt water I sprayed on my face had air dried.... Now I'm on day 3 and my bad acne on my temples are just about gone...... I shower, just use warm water to wash my face then a bar of soap to wash my face once a week only, pat dry and immediately spray salt water on face while pores are open, wait till dry, then moisturize with really light moisturizer, then spray your face with salt water again - use a lot of spray, even rub it in with your hand then just let air dry, ***wipe eyes with dry towel before opening***.

We don't swim in the ocean as much as we used to, i think topical salt is essential for skin.

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Great to hear that you found something which is helping you. Salt water acts as an antidote-bacterial, so it make sense why it can help you

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