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mild acne back after year rof clear skin, how do I remove the red marks while on low dose of accutane?

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So basically.. I used to have terrible cystic acne.. went on accutane almost 2 years ago..skin cleared up great..marks healed blah blah..     ended up going on a second dose after my first dose because I was getting very mild spots but nothing serious..    3 months off my second dose now and spots returned for a bit..nothing cystic but ended up going on a low dose of accutane at 10-20mg a day and my skin is under control again..   now,my problem is the damn red marks after the spots! As I'm sure many other people can agree..I HATE them..with a passion! so I was just wondering what I could take while on my low dose of accutane that could be useful in fading them?   Was using treclin for a bit but found "La roche possay effaclar Duo +" and it advertises on the box that it fades spot marks,blemises,etc because it contains a small amount of salycilic acid... so I'm using that atm for the last 2 days (it kind of burns tho).   What would be better for fading marks? the treclin or the duo+?  I was looking in to possbily getting Dan's AHA+ 10% on the store and trying that once a night.  Basically I just need direction off people who know more than me haha

Thanks in advance!

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