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Hello! I am new to acne.org and looking for some advice. I am 16 years old and recently (finally) "diagnosed" with severe acne on my face. I have known for about a year now that my acne is quote on quote severe but it wasn't until last week that my dermatologist finally said it out loud. Its actually somewhat of a relief because I am now able to begin a treatment that I've wanted to try for a while now, but never could because it is a highly regulated medication.... ACCUTANE. I have heard some negative things about the drug but I also know that when it works, it WORKS. I am well aware of all possible side effects and fully prepared to deal with them if it means clearing my skin. The most common side effect that nearly all accutane users experience and the one I'm most nervous about is dry skin. And I mean DRY skin. I would love some reccomendations for skin moisturizers and lip balms that are best suited for dealing with the severely dry skin and lips that typically go along with accutane. Any other tips/advice/personal experiences are all greatly appreciated as well! Thanks for the help :)

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When I was on Accutane, I simply kept a fresh coat of Aquaphor on my lips and face at all times. Although it made me the shiniest person in the room, it was the probably the best balance of safe and effective for keeping my skin somewhat hydrated.  My dermatologist wasn't keen on me using the Aquaphor on my face due to risk of breaking out, but I didn't develop any acne while using it with Accutane. There are stronger creams you can use for moisturizing (often cortisone based), but I'd avoid those unless you start developing eczema or are dry to the point of nearly bleeding. In any case, talk to your dermatologist if it comes to that point.

You say you are already aware of the side effects of this drug, so I won't directly bore you with the laundry list of long-term side effects I endured from Accutane. However, you can read over 2,000 Accutane reviews over here:


That link allows you to filter through the good and the bad of Accutane, depending on your mood. :P

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