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Balancing period after amenorrhea

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A few years ago I started over-exercising and lost a ton of weight which was a possible cause of losing my period. I was also extremely stressed during that time so that could be a reason too. Even though I didn't have my period for 3 years I didn't have a single breakout or health problem during the whole time. Recently I've gained a big of weight and got my period back along with all sorts of skin problems I've never had before. 

Around Day 21 of my approximately 30 day cycle I usually start noticing deep cystic type red bumps start forming on my jawline and cheeks. It's extremely stubborn and resistant to tea tree oil which usually kills little pimples. I don't have any cramps or bloating but the skin problems keep coming back every month no matter what I do. I've been eating a clean dairy-free organic diet with multivitamins and eating lots of fish and chia seeds. I also take liver detoxing herbs such as dandelion, burdock, and milk thistle. 

Should I also take evening primrose oil, borage oil, or anything else like dong quai? I also wonder if I should see a naturopath and try something like acupuncture. Does anyone have an all natural way to permanently balance your hormones and prevent future problems? I don't want to use birth control and I haven't had much luck with vitex. 

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I know this is rather late but did you find the answer you were looking for?

I am in a very similar situation to you! I never had a problem with skin issues before. At the age of 20 I developed bulimia and lost my periods completely for about a year, despite maintaining a normal weight. 

I am now 22 and about a year ago a began to properly recover and got my periods back. Around exactly the same time I also developed acne. It's completely on just the lower half of my face.

Ive tried loads of things and now I'm trying to go a bit more natural and actually fix my body, after abusing it for so long. 

would love to hear what/ if you've had any luck with anything! 

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