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Minocycline log for rheumatoid arthritis

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Hello everyone,

I was searching the Internet and could not find much information on a minocycline log. Since it has rare side effects that scare people, including me, I decided to start a log even though I am on day 8. But this is when the side effects began. 

A short history, about a year and a half ago I started having problems with one of my fingers. I couldn't even bend it and it hurt so I went to the doctor and eventually was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and later ankylosing arthritis as well. It's rare to have both but here I am. I had acne as a teen but it has mostly gone and is mild now. I was given a choice of prescriptions to take, and chose not to take any of them due to the ridiculous side effects that were all by far much more frightening than anything I have ever taken in my life. 

Anyway I decided to research and to make a long story short I found that minocycline can put arthritis into remission.  Well, my hands progressed to a mild case of swelling but painful enough to keep me from doing anything that I used to do. Fatigue has basically ruined my life.  

So here I am trying minocycline, and prednisone, and medical marijuana. For 7 straight days I took 100mg of minocycline with no side effects until day 8. That is today. All day I have felt dizzy, had a massive headache, felt nauseated and generally unwell all around. I didn't feel like moving or doing anything but forced myself to make food and what not. I have gradually moved to a diet where I make a smoothie loaded with vegetables and fruit that has all the nutrients besides protein in it. I also eat chicken and fish for protein to keep my heart strong. I have made a list of foods that cause flare ups and have excluded them from my diet. The two worst things are sugar and wheat. Dairy and some fruits like mango also set off inflammation and cause terrible pain for an entire day. Let's just say it isn't fun to play trial and error. Anyway, if you would like the smoothie recipe let me know, I have a link. 

Alright, so I tried to do things like play with my dog or watch movies or do my work (which is photography) but I generally could not concentrate on anything and wound up laying in bed and playing with my phone at random or trying to rest. I was scared and kept researching or looking for others who may have had the same problems or whatever and found plenty of encouraging and frightening things which doesn't help much. People are either extreme or indifferent. So I decided that I would spare my friends and family of complaining about these issues and wrote this log. 

Anyway, I was too scared to take the doses of minocycline and it went over 30 hours since the last dose. I took 5mg of prednisone and suddenly felt really good. The dizziness has gone and the headache is gone, nausea is still there but nowhere near as bad. My appetite came back and I was able to eat some grapes and chicken. 

I do have an odd feeling in the back of my head like I banged my head on something. Of course I have not. But now that I feel okay and know that all I have to do is wait a day and the side effects pass I am a little more confident as to continuing minocycline. Any chance of getting my life back on track is worth being dizzy and feeling sick for a little while until my body settles with the drug.   

I wanted to elaborate on medical marijuana, it has helped me tremendously to be able to deal with this autoimmune disease. It makes me not care about the pain and I am able to be happy and sleep at least. I pretty much go through a gram a day, and yes I still function normally. Marijuana does not have a negative effect on my life in any way. Rarely I have eaten edibles and they were much stronger than i thought and I get a feeling like being on an out of control roller coaster for an hour or two but it passes and I have never had any issues.  

Well, since I have been on minocycline very small amounts of marijuana are extremely potent. It causes some strong anxiety sadly so I have had to cut back tremendously and increase prednisone. 

I wanted to people to know because doing too much marijuana while on minocycline could be extremely scary for someone who has never been on both. It may or may not happen to everyone but it happens to me. It can't be a coincidence after taking a gram a day and then suddenly while on minocycline it is much more potent and I can only take a couple of hits from a bowl and it keeps me extremely high for hours. Sometimes I am not even sure it stops until I sleep and wake up, and then I still feel like I am drunk or something. It takes a long time to pass, so if the pain doesn't bother me then I will not be using marijuana. If I have to I will... 

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Day 9 

Despite feeling horrible I took another dose, today my head and left eye are killing me and I am having really bad anxiety on top of the dizziness and nausea. Unfortunately, I can't handle it at all, so this will be my last dose. I wish I could continue it since it supposedly moves RA into remission, but I just can't handle the side effects. 

Hope others have better luck!

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