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About me:
I had horrible hormonal acne around my chin and up my cheeks- was  a mixture of deep, blind, cystic pimples and these tiny little "clogged pore" colourless clusters of pimples everywhere. I didn't want to leave the house for months because my skin was so bad and being a model and actress I wasn't able to control the makeup products being put on my skin and it was crucial to my job to have nice skin! Disaster. Anyway, I created my own routine based around skin care and health on my quest to get good skin (always have had breakouts but it only really went very bad when I hit 24years old).  With a little trial and error this is what I came up with... And most of it is natural and no benzol peroxide because that stuff is too harsh  in my opinion.

-Firstly I stopped having dairy (not completely because I occasionally NEED chocolate).
-Every morning I have a healthy smoothie with whatever nutritious ingredients I have and I always mix it up but mostly use spinach, blueberries, coconut oil, avocado. cinnamon honey and always almond milk as a base. 
- I always take a mega B's vitamin, vitamin C and zinc at the time I have my smoothie. I have magnesium and vitamin D vitamins sometimes too which I don't take as religiously as the B and C ones.
-Throughout the day water and almond-milk-coffee is the only drinks I allow myself.
- I make sure that I eat whatever I want for lunch and dinner as long as it has nutrients somewhere in it to benefit me (fish, nuts, greens and veges etc).

cleansing routine is:
- I remove makeup with coconut oil (completely removes even the thickest and most waterproof products)

-Then I use the SUKIN revitalising facial scrub(life changing gentle daily scrub) that makes my skin as smooth as ever and draws out the pimples in a subtle calming way that doesn't leave my skin looking red and angry. It's really natural product and has moisturising properties so you don't get  that scaly tight feeling afterwards.

- then before bedtime I get a cotton pad and put calamine lotion onto the pad and then all over my face and especially in the areas that have pimples or that I have previously picked and popped (I know naughty but satisfying). The calamine drys up any weepy pimples and it has zinc or something that heals your skin overnight and reduces the inflammation and it is truely amazing!

- I also use the palmers enzyme mask (thick white clay) and put it only on my pimples and again this is a miraculous way to reduce the inflammation of any type of pimple and just like the calamine it also works to fade old red post acne scars in my experience! 

- then I spritz some Sukin spray mist toner (alcohol free) with chamomile it's really soothing and gentle and pretty much a refreshing smelly water that feels amazing and is nice and cheap too.

- then if I have made a real mess of a popped pimple (always pop before I had cleansed), and I mean created a scab or a war-zone, "this-may-scar" style of abrasion then  I will put lansinoh (100percent pure lanolin- says its for breastfeeding cracked nipples and in the baby section of pharmacy). It's nourishes and heals a scab so so so well! Put this stuff directly on the abrasion (could also use paw paw cream which is second best) and then a band aid over top. Put some on ur lips or any flaky gross bits too.

- then I put whatever oil or eye cream I have near me (usually bio oil , vitamin e or coconut oil and put that around my eye area because I feel like it might stop me getting wrinkles in that sensitive, delicate thin-skin area.

- then with all this on my face I go to sleep!! (Don't worry it doesn't get on ur pillow and stain or anything).

Also that sounds like a lot but it takes me literally a couple of minutes to do each night. And it's worth it to wake up to calm, happy skin.

Morning routine:
Wash off the dry calamine lotion and palmers enzyme clay stuff with warm water. Use cetaphil or some sort of soap-free ph balanced gentle wash. Cold water to finish off and wake me up. Spritz the Sukin mist on my face again.

If I am modelling then I don't get a choice what they put on me, which is ok if I do my nightly routine and remove it really well after the shoot.

If I do get a choice I use:

-daytime-Chi chi super BB cream ( another holy grail product I can't rave enough about!) it won't make you break out I promise even though the ingredients is spf 30 and various natural oils. It covers red marks so well and is a light to medium coverage. 

- then I get a clean makeup brush and apply bare minerals original mineral powder (Google tutorial how to apply it because if u get it wrong it will kinda clump or look uneven and u might get disappointed but that is your own fault..because if you apply it right... It's perfect medium-full coverage and its minerals so it is good for your skin and won't make you break out!!! 

- if I am going out at night or somewhere very special with cameras around and I'm dressing up all pretty, then I wear nars sheer glow foundation and that is build able to a full coverage and also doesn't cause me to break out like most foundations do - plus a thick concealor like the ones from Mac on my spots. 

I sometimes exercise.. Not as much as I should but I walk most places and that keeps me healthy as well as occasionally do boxing and I notice after a good sweat sesh (of any kind;) ) my skin always has a radiant glow. 

If you are looking for a routine to clear your skin up this is it. The secret. 

My skin now has no pimples and when one does decide to pop up (normally after too much sugar or before shark week lol ) then my routine will sort it out and it won't last very long at all ! 

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But do you wear the calamine lotion EVERY night? Isn't that kind of annoying. I did that too but I wanted to see if my face is okay without it and it's not... I don't want to wear it to bed for the rest of my life.

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