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Please help with cystic acne swelling eye

Everyday it gets bigger and more painful. I let my husband squeeze it yesterday now it its even worse. To thr touch it feels like a huge bruise but thr actual cyst part is very hard. How can I reduce swelling and get rid of this at home?


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Go to the doctor. When it is that close to your eye socket and ultimately your brain, you have to be careful. 

Trust me, I had an abscess "above" my eye, my right eye, like in the nasal cavity bridge eyebrow kind of region 6 years ago and my eye has never looked the same.

So assuming it is a cyst they will most likely give you a cortisone shot to drain it. If it is an abscess they will probably do the same thing and either way you will be on a round of antibiotics.

keep me posted girl! 

p.s heat did not help the swelling for me and neither did ice when my eye was swollen like an elephant (it was a rough couple of weeks for me)

Oh wtf didn't even tell you what happened with me-- I took a couple rounds of antibiotics and didn't touch it or mess with it for a few weeks. I was deathly afraid of needles at that point in my life and it was painful enough already. I was like 16!

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You should REALLY try to get into the doctor and get a cortisone shot. Swelling near your eye can be very dangerous. If you absolutely CAN'T get to the doctor, do this:

Ibuprofen 2x a day
Zinc once a day(orally)
Ice it several times a day
At night apply a crushed aspirin mask

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