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Low dose continuous BC and acne

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Hello everyone, 

I've been on a continuous cycle of the bc Yaz for the past 6 yrs for my anemia.  Recently I was told because of my age (41) and other medical conditions that I have (Lupus, hbp, palpitations) that if I continued taking Yaz that my risk for having a stroke is extremely high.  The Dr put me on Aubra, she said it contains a different and better type of progesterone that does not affect the blood vessels.  She also said that because it has the same level and type of estrogen as Yaz that I shouldn't notice any changes in weight or increased acne (I've always had mild to moderate hormonal acne) the Yaz didn't really improve it that much but never made it worse!  Has anyone switched from taking a bc with drospirenone to one with levonorgestrel? The dosing of it with Aubra is the same as Yaz (0.1 mg) but I'm still a bit hesitant.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

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I've never switched from a drospirenone pill to a levonorgestrel pill but I think I can give you some insight.
Androgens are hormones that fluctuate with birth control pill intake. Yaz is an anti-androgen birth control pill, while Aubra is a highly androgenic birth control pill. High levels of androgens = ACNE. This means that it is likely for Aubra to actually worsen your acne. It gave me the worst acne of my life and I'm still struggling with it to this day! I recently switched to TriSprintec (low androgen) 1 month ago and am still awaiting results. 

Aubra is is a low dose estrogen pill so it will naturally come with less risk of side effects. I've read many reviews where people complain about the acne-causing properties of Aubra (or Alesse, Aviane, etc.) However, some people claim that it helped their acne tremendously. Hopefully it didn't worsen yours! 

Interested in hearing back from you.

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there's a really great post on here from green gables about the different types of progesterone in birth control pills. I haven't been on either of the ones you mentioned, so I have no experience to offer you there. I did just switch pills recently (I'm ending my third week) because I discovered that the pill I was on, lo loestrin, is actually highly androgenic and not great for someone predisposed to acne. it's important though, like a poster above mentioned, to remember that some people do better on different pills, even ones that generally are worse for other people. 

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