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Hey everyone, I'm totally new here. I just want to start off by asking a question. When I eat certain foods like; oats (oatcakes / porridge), corncakes, rice cakes,
cereals (buckwheat etc), flours e.g. maize flour etc, it has a negative impact on my skin. My skin starts becoming severely visibly blotchy around my cheeks /
temple area. I try to stay clear of these foods, but the other day I tried making gluten free bread and my skin just completely flipped out! Does anyone else have this problem?


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I'd suggest staying away from everything bread and everything with a high sugar content that leads to irregular spikes in your blood sugar. Plus most breads and grains are so overly processed, it's ridiculous. You might as well be eating flavored paper. 

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With you it sounds like high glycemic foods( lots of carbs or raising blood sugar too quickly) can cause a reaction. Some people are sensitive to corn. My friend is allergic to anything containing corn products and gets huge hives. Try eating more protein or protein combined with carbs.
For me, dairy and certain fruits like banana avocado and kiwi seem to cause either small itchy spots or a reddish blotchiness on my chest. I try not to eat them. Food allergies suck.

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