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Hello everyone, first post. Need help

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Hello everyone, trying to make a thread for the second time hopefully I get some success this time, wasn't able to past in my last try lol. A little about myself, I am 19 and from Toronto. Have had issues with acne since I was 16 due to my own actions for the most part. Started using exogenous hormones at 16 which resulted in bad acne and eventually into bad scarring. I'm going to university in September so I want to do something to make them look better. I have used aminocycline and tactuo which I think is a return A in the past 2 years with some success but then due to me already messing with my hormones my acne would.just come back. Finally this year my doc put me on accutane at a very low dose. I'll be completing my 5th month this month and hence the treatment. My doc put me on 40mgs for the first two months and then cut it to 20mgs for the remainder of the period. I had really bad cystic acne it's completely clear now. My dose was very small since I weigh over 210lbs. Now I wish to do something about the scars and yes I am aware that I need to wait a certain period after accutane  but I know I will end up doing some sort of a treatment for the scars since my university is starting in 4 months. Also wanted kind of scarring do I have or is it mostly hyperpigmentation. Any help would be really appreciated. I've had one chemical peel last June. It was very light since it was a salicylic acid at 20% I think but it did give me some results. However I was not able to follow up with the treatment due to some reason. That's all that I've really done.






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