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Anyone tried this new RecoSMA laser? Should be available in US this year

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have anyone been in RecoSMA laser treatment? It is quite new laser and currently it is only available in few countries in Europe. This is one of those things that sounds too good to be true: cold rejuvenation technology (skin temp. doesn't rise over 36.6  °C), can't cause scarring or change natural pigmention of the skin etc. read the rest from their website http://www.recosma.com/index.en.html

Apparently the thing, compared to other lasers, is that it is not hot like other lasers. I don't know, sounds kinda weird.

Since it is a new technology there isn't much other info or experiences of it than their website. So i wonder is there anyone already tried it? If not feel free to share you thoughts about it.

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Bump. They have commented on their FB page that it should be available in US this year. It was also introduced to the professional doctors and aesthetic specialists few weeks ago. 

I hope this breaks through... Minimal side-effects and good results. Well, right now that's just their talk. Would love to hear how it really works, by a patient not a doctor or salesman.

Anyone interested in this?

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yea, if it works like some of the people say it does it would be amazing.... im always skeptical though, seems like something new is always coming along. I think a bit ago everyone was hyping up picosure, and now I hear nothing about it. But fingers crossed!

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