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The Miracle (Accutane the best and truest cure)

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As my teen years began I became more and more self concious unfortunately I was also developing severe acne at the same time. It started at the age of 13 with just a few pimples which didn't worry me too much at the time. I still remember when they first began my father who too had horrible acne in his teen years saying to begin washing my face. At the time I didn't care too much about it and continued the way I was. I would only wash my face or should I say water mg face when have a shower once a day. I would come home from school all sweaty and never washed my face. I directly went to sleep with the dirt and grime without caring too wash it off.

When I became 14 it for even more severe and more noticible. I had red bulgy pimples all over my face and began scarring. I still continued but never really knew what to do about it. 

I began washing my face twice a day once in the morning once at night. It didn't really work. I used some gels which were thought to work yet it didn't really help. That summer I went to India (as I have a background from there) and decided I would meet a specialist from there. I was tired of the red spots and just wished for them to go away. The specialist prescribed me some pills as well as a gel to apply at night. I used them but they only got worse for about 2 weeks before they got better. 2 months later when I was about to fly back to my home in Canada I felt severely ill. For some reason I thought it was because of the medicine I don't remember why. I asked my older brother who too suffered from acne but it got a lot better as he moved out of his teenage years.

That's when I found out, the pills I was taking were really accutane!!! I was furious as I knew about the effects of them or certain problems they were deemed to have caused. I was worried and visited my dermatologist immediately and demanded to know why he didn't tell me about the effects. He said it wasn't such a big deal and the only reason why the medicine has a bad name is because it's the only one that works. He explained how acne and selling products related to it is a billion dollar industry simply in the US. They wouldn't want people to find a cure for it without having made money of them. Therefore in foreign countries its used as a last resort. 

I have to tell you although I was furious the sickness was not caused by it. 4 months later as I took the course of accutane for 6 months. I was left with clear skin. Yes I do have a few acne scars but their barely noticeable and will repair over the years. It was a miracle for me as nothing else would have worked. I remember crying myself to sleep often before I had taken it as I wished only to have clear skin. Not having to worry about all of this. 4 months later after I stopped treatment I still haven't gotten a single breakout. I have maybe had 2 pimples in the full course of 4 months after. They were ting and went away in two or three days. 

I have to tell you this works. This is my story. Without it I would still be breaking my head about my acne today. The effects are way too small to even worry about. Getting over acne has boosted my self confidence a lot and it really does work. I would definately recommend accutane to anyone who may suffer from acne like I did. It's truly a miracle, the miracle drug.

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