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This girl's results are amazing! Dermarolling/Dermabrasion/Suction

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I wonder if any of you have stumbled upon this. Her results are pretty dramatic. Almost too good to be true! Dermarolling combined with dermabrasion/suction(pmd). Trying to promote PMD? Photoshopped? Too good to be true? Perhaps PMD useful only because of suction? Thoughts?

Original Post: https://www.realself.com/review/reno-nv-derma-roller-personal-microderm-pmd-acne-scarring-update# 

90 days
[Edited image out]
" I have been a long time sufferer to acne, 15+ years and I was finally ready to look at myself in the mirror after I got my breakouts under control. I'm a 29 year old Caucasian female with what I consider to be pretty severe acne scars. I had tried home chemical peels with some success, but in a few days my skin would be back to where it was before the peel. I found the PMD on YouTube and promptly decided to order it as a bday gift to myself last year. I did not get to use it for a few months because I was pregnant and didn't want to do anything that could harm the baby. Although, I really don't see how it could! The pictures show 10 treatments with the red discs (they are the most ablative). I did it every 7 days and did not use any special creams or anything. I would do it before bed and apply my normal moisturizer. I would wake up with such soft skin, it was so exciting! I saw results right away and as you can see in the photos, it has made a difference in my skins texture and depth of my scars. I am starting Dermarolling today in addition to using the PMD device and I'll be switching off every week. I am also adding a hyaluronic acid and vit C serum after each treatment and starting a collagen supplement. I will post another update in 90 days! Thanks for checking this out and I hope you decide to try the PMD system. I absolutely LOVE it! "

120 DAYS
[Edited image out] [Edited image out]
"I had to take almost 2 months off from my treatments because I had a breakout and I had to get on Minocycline and Retin-A. I have been clear for about 2 months now and have started back up again with my dermarolling and PMD every other week (1 week I dermaroll and the next I use the PMD). Here is where I'm at now. Still visible scaring but I cannot tell you how much my self esteem has improved. Please note that I DO HAVE MAKEUP ON (obviously, lol) in these updated photos, but this also gives you a good idea how it looks covered up. Message me if you have questions about what I'm doing. I'm going to keep going! Your skin CAN get better, don't give up! "

[Edited image out]
" Things are going really well! Still battling the occasional breakout, but my skin has been improving ever so little each day. My scars are much less shallow and not as noticeable in some lighting.
My Regimen:
Wash with Benzoyl Peroxide Creamy Wash mixed with a pinch of coffee grounds.
Tone with pure witch hazel
Apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum (collagen)
Moisturize with Pure Aloe Vera liquid
Same face wash and toner. Finish with Retin-A cream overnight.

PMD: Every 7 to 14 days I use the red discs all over my face, going over twice.
Dermaroller: 1.5mm used every week followed by Hyaluronic Acid Serum "

[Edited image out]

[Edited image out}

[Edited image out]

[Edited image out]

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Lighting, makeup and constant swelling. I think u can't have those improvement in only one year.

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That is not dermabrasion.  I've had 2 spot dermabrasions and trust me microdermabrasion is nothing like real surgical dermabrasion.  You will be bloody and swollen, and recovering for 1-2 weeks depending on how deep it goes.  The lighting is completely suspect.

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just such a shame such a disease had to be inthia world .. id be so much happier if acne didnt exist. i take my anger out on family and my beautiful girlfriend daily because of it while not being able to focus in class and having to watch every little thing i eat . meanwhile my friend is in the sun all day without sunscreen drinks 3 mountain dews 2 pepsi's 2 donuts and pizza with other junk food literally every single day and has clear skin with maybe one pimple a month

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hmm... I think lighting plays a role in this but it does look like she has achieved results with her treatments.
happy for her.

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