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Regimen with Clindamycin 1% lotion question

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I've been seeing a dermatologist for the last five months, after not seeing one for over ten years.  I'm 33, male.  Since seeing her, I've been washing my face in the morning with a 2.5 BP cleanser, and then applying the clindamycin lotion over my face.  Then at night, I wash my face with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, and every other night, I apply glycolic acid treatment 7% which I get at the dermatologist (don't need a prescription for that.) 

Overall since doing this regimen, besides having a few cysts I've had to get injected with cortisone shots...it's made my face a lot better. My complexion is better, and I get less pimples. BUT, I still get pimples, I still get white heads, and I still get blackheads.  When I go back, she never has a reason, it just is happening, keep up the regimen. I don't want to go on accutane (which was her first suggestion.)  My acne isn't severe, it's moderate, and the small spots i get are isolated, but they still happen.

Now I asked about using the BP cleanser at night instead, she said I could try, but I feel that would be too irritating, it's nice using baby shampoo b/c it's gentle.  But my face does get shiny during the day despite using the BP and Clindamycin in the morning, so what's up with that?  I'm afraid to use the baby shampoo in the morning instead of the BP b/c I feel it won't be enough to get rid of the BP completely.  And I'm afraid to use the BP cleanser at night instead of the baby shampoo incase it would cause my skin to be irritated.  All I can think of is to switch it up.....any suggestions on what I should do to make my regimen even better?

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