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okay so i know dat topically turmeric mask can heal acne... but i dont want to stain my face yellow... so i m thinking of drinking it every night with warm milk and black pepper as it boosts the power of turmeric.... 
i know turmeric has the power to kill p.acnes... but can it help the small bumps on the surface of skin which are skin colored..

 will it help the clogged pores/whiteheads/blackheads as they arent caused by p.acnes....??
has anyone tried this?
did it cause any initial breakout... btw i know it wont but still...
help plz,...

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I haven't tried drinking it that way yet but I have a cream with turmeric in it. It's a big help. The milk form should help with what you're dealing with. I had a very slight increase in pimples the first time I used it, but they went away quickly. You can also mix a very small amount into a foaming gel cleanser if you want to try it on the surface which won't stain your skin. I've done that.

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If you can get turmeric capsules I'd recommend that. Turmeric by the spoonful or even in milk is pretty gross. And milk causes acne in many people.
Topically, I mix honey, milk and 1 or 2 aspirin with a little bit of turmeric and it usually doesn't stain. Use as a madk for 15-20 minutes.I do it before a shower and use a wash cloth. I have light skin and it hasn't stained me :)

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