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Low dose 3rd course of Accutane?

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I have used accutane twice in the past when I had really bad cystic acne. The 1st time was Jr year of high school and then the 2nd course was Sr year of college. I'd say that after each course, the amount/type of acne that inevitably came back was milder and less in number - but it did come back...

Before my first coure, I had acne on my upper chest, upper shoulders and some on my back; after that course, the acne never really came back on those areas. I took my 2nd course mainly because I was never able to get the acne on my face under control... After the 2nd course, the acne took much longer to come back, but it still did after a year or so, but much milder... I am thankful that my body tolerated both courses well and I had only the most common side effects.

This past year, I have been using a generic (over the counter) version of the acne.org regimen to keep my face ~ 95% clear, but I still get some annoying blemishes on my face anywhere something contacts it for some time: eyeglasses, goggles (for sports), etc... I have made huge improvements in my diet (~99% dairy, gluten, and alcohol free, and paleo primarily), but can't say for certain if those have helped since I started those serious changes when I started the acne.org topical regimen.

I am mainly interested in if a 3rd course of Accutane can finally be the knock out punch I need... I thought I was ready to start getting scar treatments and I have had 3 microneedling sessions so far, but it seems like a low-dose course of Accutane may be what I need.. I am also prepared to find another derm since the one I went to for several years may not be up on the times on how low dose "maintenance" course of accutane can really help - I have done months of research on acne.org, here, etc so I really do feel like it is worth trying at this point now that Benzoyl Peroxide seems to be losing its punch (like it has for me in the past).

Has anyone here taken a 3rd (or more) course of Accutane and actually had it be the knock out punch that you need to finally keep more than the occasional blemish away? I really do feel like adult acne is holding me back in so many areas of life including most importantly finding a job in my field! I am sure that many of you who have adult acne and/or scarring can relate to how most other people treat persons with bad adult skin...

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