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Sun and Accutane ?

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Hey. whats your experience with sun while being on accutane? Also tell me how big your dosage was.  ty!

One more question: When you take the accutane pills, do you spread them out during the day or do you take the full dose 1 time a day? 

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I don't think it makes you more sensitive to the sun but I got sunburn on my arms and they dried up and flaked pretty good. I advise sunscreen and moderation with the sun.
The highest dose was 40mg. Twice daily. 
No don't spread them out. Take it once or twice a day at the same time with a meal. Ideally one that contains some dietary fat,  it will improve absorption. Do what ever your doctor tells you. 

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It definitely increases your sensitivity to the sun! The pharmacists put a sticker on the outside of the box to warn about sun exposure, so from my experience of this the importance of protecting your skin from the sun is secondary only to the importance of not getting pregnant!
Even at 20mg I got pink cheeks from half a day of spring sunshine with spf30 on. Now at 40mg, and 60mg in a couple of weeks... I'm buying some factor 50!
Also see @mum44 in blog section for recent sunshine story!
Currently taking my pills at one time, debating splitting them between morning and afternoon once I hit 60mg or higher, but if I feel ok taking them all at once then I prob will as I'm less likely to forget!

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