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natural ways to get rid of red marks?

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My face has cleared up completely on accutane but I'm left with ugly red marks that are taking forever to go away. I still have some that are from cysts that I had when I started the treatment! Does anyone know any homemade remedies for getting rid of these? It will be a while since I see my dermatologist, and I want to start treating them as soon as I can...

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Congrats on the clear skin.  Please try to enjoy your success and remember how far you've come.  It is so easy to become fixated with the next battle with skin which for you is scars.  Acne seemed to consume your life, don't let the process of scars do that also.  If the scars are pitted into your skin vs just red marks, then the derm and their tools are your best bet.  If scars are superficial then aha may help as well as a derm a roller.  Be gentle with your skin especially the first year post accutane 

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