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The spotty princess

Does washing your face with water only work?

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I have mild acne across my forehead and a couple spots on my nose. My skin and hair are very oily and I do not have the healthiest diet -- let's be honest, we all don't! I was wondering whether washing my face only with water worked for anybody? My current face washing routine is a splash of hot water (to open pores) on my face before applying spot treatment gel and then a splash of cold water (to close pores), and spraying on some sunscreen on after and the same at  night just without the sunscreen. I have face mask every week and scrub my face with a tea tree and hazel face scrub twice a week. 

Love the spotty princess xoxo
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Washing with water only has been working for me and for many people with very mild acne. For people with more pimples washes containing salicylic acid will do, and for others with even more pimples cleansing pads presoaked with salicylic acid would be more appropriate and for sure more practical (teenagers prefer pads because they are simpler to use). The next step would be washes containing benzoyl peroxide, but it seems that you don't need to go this far.
I wish you all the best and let's keep fighting acne together!


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I also use only water to wash my face but I don't splash my face with hot water as it irritates the skin and I don't use scrubs because they can be irritating to the skin too xD 

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I literally tried washing with only water but stopped 2 weeks ago. It was just not working out for me. I was breaking out bad. I mean like huge cyst on my chin and white heads all over my forehead. I also had dry skin and a very visible dead skin mask. My diet was bad for those 2 weeks too and it just wrecked havoc on my skin. I decided to eat healthy  again cause I didn't want anymore cysts on my chin. Man, eating healthy does wonders on the skin. I was clearing up in just 3 days but one little bad thing I ate resulted to a zit. At one point I couldn't take the dry skin anymore and used palmers cocoa butter theraphy oil with vitamin e. Good bye dry skin haha, it also helps with PIH. I did get an intial break out though. Maybe 5 big zits but it was worth it. I then found the best cleanser too. It's perfect for sensitive skin because it's super light because its foam. It's called bioelements flash foam cleanser. Also beware I've gotten an intial break out with this as well. But now I'm pretty much clear. I picked a healed spot thinkin it was still active though bad idea. It's very red. Fml lol oh well. Good luck with the water only regime

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Aww! Thank you everybody for answering! I don't know how to reply to people as I have only joined acne.org last night! I'm really grateful that all of you took time to write a paragraph or two in reply, I was honestly expecting no replies! Thank you everybody for your advice, I think I will stick to my everyday routine because it seems to be working well! Good luck with your acne! 

Love, The spotty princess

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