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im totally new to posting anything about my acne! I've followed this site getting so much comfort from other's stories and advice, so thought I'd take the plunge and write one myself. 

Ive had acne for 11 years now, started when I was about 13 and I've never grown out of it. 
I generally swing between being devastated and accepting (although, this is usually when it's having an 'OK' day) 

I had had a brief period where my skin was immaculate! I was on the Qlaira birth control pills. It only lasted 6 months before I had to come off them. They gave me mood swings and a host of nasties.
And the dreaded spots came back. 

Mine are cystic, white heads and black heads. 
Musically localised to my chin/ neck. Have recently been travelling North to my cheeks and forehead. Which is totally bumming me out as I've never had them there! 

I've tried everything under the sun- to list a few: 
Duac cream 
Lumie Clear light 
Indian mud mask 
Bio Oils 
And so many more prescribed/over the counter remedies.

Here's a picture of my skin on a regular day, not bad and not good... Just the regular. And yet, today I'm in pieces over it, it's sore, unsightly and driving me to tears! 
I get the regular advice: drink lots of water, don't wear make up and wash your face properly. 
I exercise, drink only water and have a good cleansing routine. 
Ultimatly, unless you've had acne, you'll never truest understand that not one singular thing causes it and it's truly relentless! 


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I really feel you right now. I've unfortunately had acne for about 14 years now, all different forms, shapes and sizes. As you said it is relentless and very hard to treat. I guess there is option of accutane, have you considered that?

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It is dreadful isn't it :( I have tried accutane and it dried me out so much. My lips and eyes were so painful.
I'm ill at the moment with a chest infection and find that my acne thrives when I'm poorly!! 
Are you currently taking any form of medication ? 

17 hours ago, Y110289 said:

Hey there...did you try seeing a derm for your problem??

No I haven't, it's been quite hard to find a reputable one in the U.K. They are also incredibly pricey 

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I was once in your situation. I had acne like yours all of high school and then some, and it made me hate to look in the mirror. I just wanted to share what I did to induce change, because now my skin really is glowing and clear (something I thought would never, ever happen). 

It is a proven scientific fact that our skin cells replace themselves ENTIRELY every 28 days. So if you eat a significant amount of greasy junk foods, then your skin is going to regenerate itself into greasy pockets, resulting in acne. I'm not saying cut out junk food entirely (its hard!) but definitely try to incorporate more healthy foods (this only implies if your diet is heavily situated in junk) I did, and I've definitely noticed change. 

Now, onto the good stuff..

I had gone to dermatologists and used the products/methods they suggested to me, nothing. I used proactive, and a bunch of other expensive "promising" acne products, and while they produced SOME change, it wasn't really that noticeable, and definitely wasn't giving me the kind of clear skin I wanted. Then, I started using Spectrojel for blemish prone skin (the purple bottle) which is actually affordable. This is balanced in pH, and it was gentle on the skin, in about 3weeks, it had cleared my skin up about 80%. continued use of the product, I'm at 100%. I have continued using the product for 3 years now, and it is the best facial cleanser Ive used. It is gentle, doesn't dry out your skin, but is strong enough to attack those blemishes. I highly recommend it. (also, its not enough to just rub it on quick and wash off. massage the cleanser onto your face for 30sec-1 minute)

After, I would use a tea-tree toner (you can get a great one from bath and body works), to wipe off all that excess dirt the cleanser didn't get. tea tree contains amazing properties that help to fight those existing acne spots on your face. 

Once a week, use a face scrub/mask. I used a natural one - one part lemon juice, one part honey, one part sugar, all put on a cotton pad. The lemon and honey are disinfectants that reduce pimples, while the sugar acts as a scrubbing tool. There also many store-bought ones you can use that are just as good. The mask acts as a deep cleanse, which is why it is once a week.

Find a good spot treatment to put on your skin during the night (every night) while you sleep. I suggest using Nature's Aid (available at natural pharmacies) - was recommended this product, and it really would make acne spots disappear within days. 

And, finally, you hear it all the time, but drink ALOT of water. It hydrates (and ultimately, moisturizes) the skin, and helps flush out impurities in the body that can make their way to the surface of the skin. 

The situation with your skin could also be a lack of vitamin D (which is critical in the development of heathy skin). Taking simple vitamin D supplements will give your skin a major boost. 

I hope this helps. 


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I have been as spotty as you dear. So I can really understand what you can be going through. Waking up, seeing your face, applying makeup (thick makeup please) to cover all those angry big fat spots and concealing all types of discolorations and hiding behind your hair just that you can go outside and fake living a normal life when you know that you are not well in your skin!!! You feel that everyone around you has clear skin and their skin actually breathing while you are massively covering everything because you are so ashamed. You are constantly avoiding social gatherings, you get easily frustrated with your friends because they, unlike you, have clear skin. You hate them. You hate every one. Well, that how I was feeling months back and there are times I still do.

I was a faithful derm patient. Sometimes, I believed he was living on my money as I was not seeing any result on antibiotics and topicals!!!!!! The money I work hard to earn. Yet, this year, he prescribed me with Accutane and tomorrow marks my third month on it. To be honest with you, Accutane has not been easy. I constantly get side effects but I am hoping that at the end of this journey, I will finally get rid of any blemish on my face. Surprisingly, my derm has been really patient with me ever since I started Accutane. He has been giving me lengthy descriptions of how tane works and how I should be patient and gentle with my skin.

I do suggest that you see a derm. It is important to treat your skin condition. Remember, acne just does not scar the face, it scars the heart. So, the earlier you start your treatment, the less chance you will have to develop scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Muster the courage, knock at the right door, you will be ok. Best of luck!!!!

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You are so right! As much as I am sad you have the same feelings as me, I am comforted I'm not alone. So thank you! I hate having a one to one conversation as I always notice people's eyes moving across my face and I get so self conscious I try to end the talk soon. 

I have tried accutane and sadly had to give up. My skin burned everyday and flaked so painfully. Also my eyes dried as did my lips that cracked.

i wish you all the luck on accutane and please keep us updated as I know it can work wonders for some people xx

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Hey...Accutane is not the only option for acne. Sure, it is a miracle drug but there are many other treatment too. When I started getting spots at 25, I noticed online that there are pretty cray cray methods that worked for some people. You would be surprised. But, in my opinion, a derm has the scientific know how of skin. When I  first went to my derm, he did not say that I had acne. He said I had a skin disorder. It sounded less gross than saying "you have acne."
Don't be discouraged.  You should see a derm. He will advise you for your skin type. Some people also advise seeing therapist if you are severely depressed. But what kept me going was this website and you tube videos where I connected with people in same situation as me. Some had worst skin than me. I basically saw these videos to find tips on how to cover my hideous acne and marks. It helped me overcome my depression.
I really hope you will find your magical potion against acne. And let's pray that science finds an overnight cure for acne.
Take care!!!!
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I think I will look into find a derm. But how do I know which to choose?? They all look pretty pricey but the stage im at now it feels worth it!
i have gone back on to Qlaira as a last resort and already I no new cysts coming. 
Its so depressing that I have to go back on it as I find that I get side effects from it. 

I also have found great comfort in YouTube and also this site. With anything it's easy to feel alone. I know that when I look around all I see is peachy skin so it is nice to speak to others who know the struggles of acne 

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Yeah Derm's can be pretty pricey. But I do hope you find someone who will be able to advise you accordingly. The point is that you need to do something for your skin. If you won't, no one will do it for you. If you do not understand that your skin is going through a lot of pain with all the zits popping, then you will always suffer not only physically but emotionally as well. 
I wish you all the very best and I hope you will have started your skin treatment by this week. And don't give up!!!!
Cheers :smileys_n_people_1:

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