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Painful acne along lipline

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So for about 5 months, I've started getting deep red pimples in random places along my lipline. They take forever to go away, and once some of them go away, ones in other spots along my lipline pop up. In addition, the old ones will eventually come back. I've tried literally everything humanly possible for them. I've stopped using toothpaste with fluoride, I've make sure to wipe my mouth well after I eat, I've tried icing, tea tree oil, and literally nothing seems to help. I'm taking orthro tri cyclen lo for birth control and have been for over 7 months. My dermatologist from home prescribed me spirolactone, and, while its improved acne in other places on my face, it hasn't done anything for the painful acne on my lipline. In addition, I went to the dermatologist by my university 3 weeks ago, and she gave me cortisone shots in 6 different place along my lipline and the moth area. These seemed to help a little at first, but now, after 3 weeks, all of this acne is coming back just like before right before my sorority formal. Last week, I bought the clearasil ultra rapid acting cream with benzyl peroxide to put on my pimples, but they've only seemed to have gotten worse and now my skin is super dry and flakes under my foundation. Please anyone help--I'm so desperate and this literally makes me not want to leave my room.
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I suffer from the same thing, unfortunately i haven’t found the complete solution either.

Anytime i get other pimples they are small and not painful, but i get them around my lip line all the time and they are deep and really sore. One thing that has helped me ALOT is drinking using a straw when possible. I ONLY drink using one and home and do it when i can when am out. It may be all in the mind but i feel like it keeps any harmful things away from the problem area. It has really improved things for me now, i still suffer with them every now and again but it’s much better than it was.

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I have this too something, they'll go for months or even a year and sometimes crop up again :( I wouldn't apply anything as i feel this makes them worse. Do you use a cream cleanser? I found this caused mine to go really bad, so if you do, I would stop
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