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Spray Tanning and Acne-Prone Skin

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I have my prom coming up where I will 100% need a spray tan. I want to have a practice run first. I have very mild acne but also very acne-prone skin and was wondering if the tan formulation could aggravate my skin, on my face, neck or back. I only have tiny pimples but I don't want them to worsen. I'm not too bothered about the marks I have going darker with the tan, I just don't want to have any long-term issues or regrets.
Also any other information about spray-tans would be appreciated

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I have prom coming up do and I fake tan regularly. I used to wash my back with a acne wash but I got too lazy one day and ever since then my skin has been clear on my back and chest - even with fake tanning every week. The key is too exfoliate before your tan so the tan doesn't cling to all the dead skin cells. I really recommend self tanning since it's more customized and you can get your feet and hands better. You won't breakout if you exfoliate and don't aggravate the area. When I got it done professionally I didn't let her do my face!:) 

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Thank you I will be sure to exfoliate, also come up with my first jawline pimples so worried about these too :( when you asked not to have your face done, did it not look odd ? I'm considering this but I don't want my face to look too different. Im going for the 2nd lightest colour out of 7 

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