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Timing of scar treatment procedures...

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Hi everyone!  I just got back from my 3rd session of CIT + growth factor and my face is redder than an angry tomato!  :-)

I can say that I have seen some improvement over the past 2 months in terms of what seems like newer collagen growth (and thus shallower scarring), especially on the right cheek area.  The overall color tone of the scarred area may have some slight improvement as well, but that it tougher to tell.

I am not in a hurry to get too many things done too soon and will not be going in for my followup appt. until 3 months from now.  The aesthetician said that they really want to see how well my skin has responded by then.  At that time, several options will be discussed to addressed leveling off my cheek areas - especially the huge atrophic scarred area on my left cheek.  I am looking into temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and may get them put in at that time.  The aesthetician also suggested that a chemical peel (medium strength SA or TCA) could be done before getting the fillers put in.

I am unsure if I should get both of those procedures done on the same day.  Do you think it would be too much done in one day if I got a chemical peel and fillers injected?  I am likely going to lean toward just getting the atrophic areas filled since that makes the scarring look a lot worse....  The overall color tone isn't as important to me.

Also, is my Dr. right to suggest temporary fillers such as Restalyne versus "permanent" ones like silicone beads or PMMA?  She said that permanent fillers can cause some issues and if they do, they are a hassle to remove....

As always, I appreciate the knowledge, research, and advice that is available here!

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Do the temporary fillers first to see if you like it before committing to something for life.  It would essentially be a trial run for when you do decide to do something permanent.  Of course, if you are totally risk averse then you could choose to do temporary fillers indefinitely and maintain them.  

There is of course also fat grafting, but from what I've read it's tricky to get right on acne scars.  

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