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Adult Cystic Acne

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Let me give a bit of background. I'm currently 30 years old, live in an extremely hot and humid region, and I've been dealing with my skin problems for quite a bit now. The pimples started out when I was about 15. They would come and go every month, these tiny boils, some of which I'd break and some of which I'd ignore. It wasn't really a big concern for me. However, when I was about 22, everything suddenly magnified. I was dealing with multiple pus filled pimples, and I decided to see a dermatologist in an effort to stop ruining my face. I spent a lot of money. Used topical retinoid creams, did oral antibiotics, multiple glycolic acid peels, and even dermabrasion. None of it really made a lasting improvement. Until finally I bid goodbye to the dermatologist and started using Cetaphil and clindac gel (both by Galderma) twice a day. The change was impressive! Within a week I was seeing a huge improvement, and my skin cleared up except for the odd pimple just before my period would begin. I was ok with that. However, at 26 I moved away to the states, which was a huge weather change for me. Now I noticed my skin would peel during the colder months. And I would get these huge pimples. They would congregate just in front of my ears, at the angle of my jaw, and even on my cheeks and forehead. I got cysts too.. which were filled with this awful pus. I didn't have access to the Galderma clindamycin preparation, and things were getting kinda terrifying. I moved back home a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping the weather change and the clindac gel would save me. However, on my return home, i find that now the specific galderma preparation that i love is no longer available. So while I'm using the cetaphil as always, I've been using whatever clindamycin I can find, which effectively does nothing for my skin. Now mid cycle, I am breaking out again in those huuuge painful cysts. I don't want to go out any more. I want to just hide my face nd stay in a dark room. I've visited a dermatologist one more time. This time she has started me on Oral Clavamox, for 5 days, along with azelaic acid application in the morning, and adapalene + Clindamycin generic application in the night. once the 5 day course of antibiotics is over, I will be starting on a 8 week course of azithromycin ( once a day, thrice a week). I'm going to upload pics of my cheeks from day 2 and today (day 3), because I need to be able to document and see this change. I seriously hope this works. I will also be making changes to my diet, starting from today where I will be cutting out sugar, processed foods (not that I eat alot of that anyway, but I'd like to slim down from 65 to 55 kg anyway), carb intake and upping my intake of vegetables and fruits. IMG_5171.JPG.3f60ca76ab3ee0338c629121484
Thats IMG_5173.JPG.cfa8875d772aa49005fb278b15f

That right there is day 2


And the last two are from today, day 3!!!

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Here's me at day 5 of my antibiotic treatment with the clavamox. Now I take two days off and start on Monday with the

Azithromycin on Monday! Not excited about it much because it gives me pretty bad nausea but if it clears my skin then I'll do it all!

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