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McPoopy Scoopies

Suctioning after Dermastamping

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So l tried suctioning over the areas of my scarring that I had dermastamped with a 2 mm dermastamp. I did this 96 hours (4 days) ago and i still have red circles on my forehead and on each temple. My boss at work asked me if I hit my head on a door handle. lol.  I am pretty sure I did the suctioning wrong. Instead of sliding the suctioning device over the scared/dermastamped areas, I just left the suctioning cups on there for like 2 minutes. The redness has faded some (45%) since doing this.  I feel like I did get better results than just stamping w/o doing the suction. However, I know the suctioning increased the amount of swelling, causing some superficial temporary improvement. I'll make a post here in a few days to give some final thoughts on suctioning after dermastamping scars, and whether or not I will continue with the regamine.  The main drawback so far is the prolonged redness left by the suction cups.  I have to be at work here shortly, and am feeling somewhat self-conscience. Hopefully I don't get into too many awkward moments in social situations with people making comments on these red circles on my face. lol. Does anyone else do this, or have any thoughts on this? Thanks.

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