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Accutane Day 72

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Today marks my day 72 on tane!!!
So the zits I had last week were definitely because of my menses. Otherwise, I did not break out anywhere else.
The type of zits are so different now. You cannot pop them. They are like a mass and goes flat very slowly. If you try pick them up, they grow huge in size and reddish but they won't pop. Ok I know popping is seriously bad, leaves scars and all..but well, we all know that picking is something that you can't help. And accutane is not helping me with the popping exercise :new_smiley_16: Just wondering if tane users experienced that kind of zits as well.
The marks on my face are still lingering but there are times, I see that they are fading slightly, slowly, very slowly..
Talking about side effects: my lips are ever dry, my eyes are super duper dry and achy, my nose manageable. Hands are peeling little bit. Nothing major. Should say that I am only on 40mg/day as I weigh 45kg.
Something that I particularly like at present is the pink tinge that my face has after I wash it. It looks baby like. So smooth without a pinch of oil on it. 
Well, I hope that soon I will be able to see my skin behind those dark spots and go out fearlessly without any cakey make up on just to say hi to the neighbours :P

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