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Masturbation-Acne Experiement 20102015

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Day 8. I need to go to bed earlier, because I'm sleeping 6-7 hours only, so I havem't noticed an increase in energy. Still, if I was masturbating like always and sleeping so less, I'd be fucked. That's what always happens to me, I jerk off a lot, sleep bad and on the next day the only thing I want to do is skipmy responsibilities, sleep more and keep masturbating. Plus my skin gets worse, so I always feel so disappointed of myself when I fail and kinda depressed and unmotivated. So in my case, sleeping enough is clue, not only for what I just said, but because it's also better for my skin.

Anyways, I'm starting second week with some improvements. I just wish I could always sleep 8-10 hours.

I obviously haven't watched porn or fantasized, cause that's what always kill me. I have barely had erections, so everything is going well, but could be much better.

I start school tomorrow, so I'm going to be busier than now.

P.S. Android mobile phones are a dangerous temptation, lol.

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Loraere, as you age your testosterone blood levels drop, this is why many adults "grow" out of acne. However this is not always the case for everyone. Some adults do not have acne until they are late in their 30s and 40s, and this is actually due to a spike in testosterone levels. It would be my assumption that your testosterone levels decreased to a level where even a spike from ejaculation will not affect the sebum glands. Females have lower levels of testosterone than males, and typically release less during ejaculation. One of the many reasons they say girls grow faster than males.

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I think the first 2 weeks are a complete nightmare, but once you clear that 15 day mark, your mind should already be adjusting to the changes. Things I noticed were; increased energy levels, less temperaments, more confidence (in relation to clearer skin), sebum doesn't appear to be of such low quality , and finally, motivation to ACTUALLY live your life, a lot less thinking, a lot less worrying, a lot more living rolleyes.gif . Remember it takes at least 21 days to form a habit.

Delete all the porn of your computer (my hand spazzed when I tried to do this, it took me about a week to finally do it)

Find something you enjoy doing and DO IT. (for me that's going outside, watching anime, playing games, working out)

Please don't think you can just browse a porn site eusa_pray.gif once the screen darkens and you see all those thumbnails of naked flesh, you've already been defeated.

Run your hand under cold water, then slap yourself neutral.gif

Good luck guys!

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Its 100% possible to go without it altogether even without other sexual activities. I started abstaining from masturbation a couple years ago, I'm a virgin, and I plan to keep as such until I'm married. Most days its not even something I think about anymore, and then every once in a while I'll get an urge in response to some stimuli (on a movie, advertisement etc), but nothing that focusing on something else cant fix. You tend to have a wet dream once or twice a month, sometimes more sometimes less as the body needs to make room for sperm as its producing more all the time.

Whether or not it affects acne I can't say. I stopped about the same time I went on Accutane and haven't had serious issues since so its possible I suppose.

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Been going for a week now.

Ive also started a very strict diet about 5 days ago which I have maintained so far.

I have had no new spots the last 3 days and all that is left is red marks from old spots and that will be gone in time.

I dont know if its the diet or the no masturbating but whatever it is, its working. Im excited to know what my progress will be a week from now.

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Its strange, ive been pretty addicted to masturbating in the past, but I dont feel the need to jerk it and im at day 6 or 7.

I felt the need in the first 3 days but its been pretty easy sailing since then.

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