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What I did to drastically decrease inflammation in a little over one week!

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So about 1.5 weeks ago I bought an ebook called "Annihilate Your Acne: The complete natural guide to consistently clear skin". It's $20 but it's one of the best $20 I've spent. Plus there's a money back guarantee if your acne doesn't clear up.
So this book is absolutely amazing. I opened it and couldn't stop reading. It concentrates mostly on oil balances (omega 3 vs. 6) and antioxidants as well as pesticides. It goes through each food group and tells you what is appropriate for acne and what isn't. Perhaps the most helpful part is where it talks about oils - I had no idea vegetable oils were one of the worst acne foods in existence, yet I was eating them every day thinking they were healthy. Also corn. He also brings up lots of acne fighting foods that are super high in antioxidants (like super dark chocolate - yay!). I can say that just after 1.5 weeks of following this book my inflammation has decreased drastically. Some changes I've made are...

drinking more water
eating a lot of dried seaweed (for the iodine)
eating a lot of organic strawberries
eating salmon 2x week
eating more tuna (not too much because of the risk of mercury poisoning)
eating the egg yolk (I had only been eating the whites)
drinking dissolvable vitamin C 
eating 85% dark chocolate somewhat liberally
cut out all vegetable oils, soy oils, etc. 
started eating a little white rice (had been avoiding it) but completely cutting out corn
washing my face with COLD water

These are just what *I* had been doing. The book offers a lot more tips and the scientific reasoning behind all of them. 
I even had an allergic reaction like 2 days ago and by being patient and following these tips I was able to get my skin almost back to where it was pre-reaction. I highly highly suggest this book to anyone struggling with acne. I have the huge red cystic type. But it's slowly let surely healing! I even had two people comment on my skin in one week. Alternatively you could go to his website {HYPERLINK REMOVED} . There are still loads of information there but it's not as conveniently pieced together as the ebook. I suggest just buying the ebook and if it doesn't work you can get refunded. I made an account just to post this and the post I wrote right before. 

Also random tip. I don't use harsh topical treatments anymore. I make a baking soda paste and leave it on my spots for a little bit then wash it off with cold water. It doesn't make my skin dry either. 

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This is really cool information.. 

I recently went on a diet on my own and just introduced a lot of greens to my diet which i have to admit i dont have enough of.. I have completely gone off my chocolates which is the main main reason why i was getting breakouts so bad and also processed meats.. 

Im interested to see my results with diet aand epiduo.. Hopefully i will gwt good results from them.. 

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@acupoframen: thank you for perfect things, i have been looking for this things, can you give me your email or your facebook ? my gmail: [Removed]

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