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4 months on and still not clear

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Hi guys 

haven't posted on here in months however I started the regimen in November it's now March and I am nowhere near clear!

dont get me wrong I have seen some improvement I rarely get spots on my chin anymore except one or two around my period and my chin was always my real problem area before. But I get these really annoy blind pimples on my cheeks the ones that take ages to come to a head so don't go away for weeks!  And for some reason my face seems to alternate which side is bad and which is good for example right now my left side has no raised pimped at all and just red marks and my left side has 3 raised pimples. It's weird cos when one side is clear the other is bad and vice versa. I am due on which is prob why it's bad atm and I think my hyperpigmentation makes it look much worse than it is! 

Ive kinda just learned that I have bad skin and feel like I always will do I've given up even searching for treatments that help etc. I do have the AHA but I never use it I heard it helps with hyperpigmentation does anyone have any experience with this ? I really want to get rid of the red marks cos they make me look like I have tons of pimples when I really only have about 3 any suggestions of how ppl coped with hyperpigmentation ?

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There are so many variables that could result in breakouts. Do you wear makeup? Do you sleep on your back to help prevent your face from rubbing against your pillow? Do you touch your face (other than when doing the Regimen)? Do you use non-Acne.org products or unnecessary products?

One thing that helps is gently patting the products on, rather than smoothing them across your face. This takes being gentle on the Regimen to a new level. This includes patting water on your face when cleansing, and using water to pat/dab off the Cleanser. You don't need to smear the products on your face b/c your skin absorbs them, just as a paper towel absorbs water. When you put a few drops of water on a paper towel, they spread out across a larger area. It's the same way with products & skin.

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