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How I Cleared My Acne

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Hi everyone, 
I am so happy to tell you, that I think I finally figured out how to get clear skin and keep clear skin.  After diets, products, and tears, I think I figured it out, so I hope it works for you too because ACNE SUCKS!

What Finally worked for me, and hopefully for you too!
* Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup! Covers great, and helps your skin! <3 it! It's $27.00 and so worth it! 
*Removing my makeup with a no water needed solution by Ganier Fruitice (sorry if the spelling is wrong, but you can get it at Wal-Mart for less than $7)
*Using the round cotton wipes to take off my makeup
*Only wearing makeup when I need to go to school or work and never wearing it to bed
*NOT using primer
How I wash my face
*Remove makeup with ganier fruitice
*wash with a Gentle Purpose Cleanser
*sometimes use the st.ives apricot scrub
Before Bed
*Spot treat with benzoyal peroxide or the clean and clear salicylic acid treatment
*apply scar treatment
Before applying Makeup:
Wash face good, then use a non-scented, non fragrance lotion, (i use my boyfriend's but it works. by Vaseline for men lol)
Lightly apply my makeup
Don't Mess with my face
!!!Always change pillow cases!!!
!!Drink Lots of Water!!
!!Do NOT use dirty brushes or sponges
...Also, diet changes didn't work for me but now I take ortho-tri cyclen lo, and ive had drastic improvements.

My skin is finally to the point where I feel I don't need makeup to look pretty and this is the best method I have found. Feel free to ask me questions.  Sorry about the spelling errors!!

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