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Birth Control (Diane35) log

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Hi everyone! 
Okay so this is going to be me documenting my acne journey.. with the help of birth control! I'm someone who likes to ramble quite a bit so sorry in advance. 

- My acne began when I was 13. It started off as quite a lot of pimples (small whiteheads) around the forehead. I think this could have been attributed to my very dramatic side fringe that covered practically half my face (we all had those, right?). When I got rid of the fringe, my acne cleared immediately. So there's that. 
- My second major experience with acne came at about 16. I don't know if this sounds silly to some of you but I broke out like crazy after I got into my first serious relationship. When the break out happened, I searched everything I could and I found some article saying that starting the relationship brought about changes in hormone, stress, etc and this just made my skin go crazy. My boyfriend is very skeptical and says I should not blame him for my acne, but it is just sooooo much easier to have something to blame, you know? It is probably important to note that I took my high school exams at around age 17.. the stress of my exams ended up making the break out even worse. 
- My acne was never cystic. However, I dealt with whiteheads all over my face :(
- I have never tried antibiotics
- I have, however, tried every single cream and wash that I could get my hands on  (over the counter, drug store products, high end products: clinique, dermalogica, khiels, mario badescu, peter thomas roth, paula's choice etc., and even online kits: the acne.org regimen + exposed skin care regimen).
- I have a very high sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide (the acne.org regimen treatment gave me chemical burns < i did a patch test but the burn didn't occur till after 48 hours. After waiting a day, I figured it was ok so I slathered it on and had to deal with the consequences (I had school that day siiiighhhhhh)
- Now, at 20, my skin is very temperamental. It can go from being clear (or as clear as it can get... since I have asian skin that is VERY prone to hyperpigmentation) to being like a battle field.

DAY 1-11:
- I experienced an initial breakout at around day 4. I had about 6 whiteheads pop up on my right cheek practically overnight. They dried up and went away by day 8. 
- I don't know if this sounds weird (to notice it so quickly) but I think my boobs have grown quite a bit. They felt tender after the first week. As I am nearing the end of week 2, I have definitely noticed a change in size. My weight hasn't really increased though.. so I'm guessing it's just extra water retention or something idk. 
- After day 6 I started noticing that if I don't have food just before or just after taking the pill, I get a bit of a stomach ache. I don't know if anyone else experiences this so I thought I'd just throw it out there.
- At the 8th day mark I had a very painful pimple that was under the skin. It got very big and inflamed. Let's name him George as an easy way to make a reference to him. 

DAY 12:
- George is definitely on his way out. 
- The rest of my skin is not too bad. I have a couple of white heads around my hair line, left cheek and chin. Otherwise, I am just dealing with a lot of scarring. 
- University just started again last week so I'm hoping to start eating a bit better. I was on break for the past couple of months and so I was pretty much just eating whatever I wanted to. When I have class, I tend to pack my lunch (meal prepping over the course of the week.. so I have more control of what I'm putting into my body)
- I am drinking about 2L of water a day. When I'm at university I'm drinking water with bit of lemon juice. When I am at home, I am having a lot of green tea. 

That's all I have to report for now.
Thanks for reading! I hope everyone else is having a great day. :) 

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DAY 16
- No active pimples on my face right now (fingers crossed it stays that way < wishful thinking). 
                          ^ NOTE: this is a very big improvement for me and I'm very excited to report this! Let's just hope this positive progress continues. 
- George got very big and angry.. and popped in the shower. I know I should've just left it but I was being stupid.. so now I'm dealing with a scab that is in the process of flaking off (rip George.. you will not be missed)
- I still have a crap load of black heads though siiigghh
- For the past 2 days I have been partying quite a bit (I know, I shouldn't) and as a result, I have fallen asleep without  washing my face two days in a row now. I did manage to get off my makeup with a makeup wipe before passing out.. but even then, if I had been negligent like that in the past I would have definitely gotten a few nasty pimples as a present the next morning. I'm not too sure if there is a breakout under my skin that is delaying itself or not.. but for now.. I'm am really surprised and happy that I didn't have to pay the consequences for being so stupid. I really hope that this is a sign the pill is working. 
- My skin has been crazzzy smooth lately. At first I thought it was because I started using my clarisonic again after a long hiatus.. but I am fairly certain that my skin has never been this smooth even with using the clarisonic in the past. 

That's all I have to report for now! I'm feeling pretty content and hopeful at this point. My period is visiting in a week or so and I usually have a pretty bad breakout during that time.. so let's hope that everything goes okay. Thanks for reading! Hope you are all having a great day. (:
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DAY 28:
It's been a while! Ok an update

- My period came a couple days ago and oh my gooooshhh the pill has helped so much. In the past, my period would last about 5 days (which wasn't even that bad to begin with, I know), and the cramps would be so bad I would skip school to stay at home, lay in bed and cry. Anyway, this month, my period lasted around 4 days (it was pretty much gone by the end of day 3 but day 4 had slight spotting) and .. the icing on the cake.. I HAD NO CRAMPS!
- With my period, came a small breakout. This was to be expected. There were two under-the-skin pimples that hurt quite a bit.. but they have flattened out (within a couple days which was crazy exciting) and a few white heads around my chin. 
- All of these pimples have 90% cleared up. I have not had an urge to pop and pick at everything lately because my skin has improved so much I'm not obsessing about it anymore.
- Hyper pigementation from my past is still pretty bad but I have been using peter thomas roth glycolic gel twice a week, as well as the shiseido white lucent line. Fingers crossed. I'm also considering some kind of laser/ peel treatment but I am broke right now so that will have to wait. 
- I have lost weight. It hasn't been a considerable amount (around 1kg = 2lb) but I guess that's something. 
- My boobs have gotten  slightly fuller since the last time I said I noticed a change in size. WOOO! (But I had pretty small boobs to begin with so I'm very excited)

ok to summarise:
I really can't say enough good things about the pill. I started noticing a difference  in my skin after the 2 week mark (after the initial breakout hit me) and it really continues to get better every day. My period got lighter, I didn't have cramps, I lost weight, my boobs got bigger. >> everything resulting in a happier me! 
pls pls pls consider the pill if you haven't already. 

Have a great day everyone! 
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