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I know exfoliating is important for clearing skin, but how do you not overdo it?

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Seems like every time I exfoliate my face feels amazing for the first day but then I start breaking out a couple days later. I guess my face is too sensitive and it's really easy to overdo it. How do I find a balance?  I've even used gentle microfiber towels but still had breakouts later. I'm thinking of just going the gentlest route there is an using a simple cotton pad to lightly exfoliate. Anyone do this?

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I would highly recommend exfoliating once a week with soaked oatmeal. It has been the perfect amount of exfoliation for me and I suffer with extremely physically and chemically sensitive skin.

I take some oatmeal and blend it in my blender for a few seconds until it is the consistency of very fine breadcrumbs and store it in a jar. When I want to exfoliate  take a small amount in the palm of my hand and make a fist. I allow warm running water to run over my fist and the water to pass through the gaps in my fingers, saturating the oats and creating a milky mush of softened oatmeal that I gently massage into my skin for a minute and then rinse away with luke warm water.

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What exfoliant have you been using? Is it store bought or homemade? I would suggest suki's exfoliate foaming cleanser. It's a cleanser and exfoliant in one and it is gentle enough to use everyday. All of their products are amazing for problematic skin and they are 100% natural. Also, I would not use any cloth on your face while your dealing with acne. That's just going to irritate it more. For now, stick to your fingers, or you can use a clarisonic to GENTLY exfoliate your face. Oatmeal is a good suggestion as well as JLopez, and Chloe123 said. 

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